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Please, do not EVER buy this game
by brunnoakabbb, United Kingdom - Aug 27th 2015

I kind liked playing this game, but after maybe the 4th or 5th time I played it, the game quited unexpectedly (CRASHED) and never again I was able to play it. Mac support is feeble and did not helped me at all. After much talking (actually after saying the truth - give my money back so I can buy the same game again), they gave my money back and deleted the game from my account. I now bought it again, hoping the problem would be within the older game. But no, it seems to be with this game. It is not working again. All my others game runs well but not this. I even tried STEAM and it didnt work. Please dont waste your money.
Im running 10.10.5 version but it seems the developers of this game simply can deal with it.

Thinking now, maybe it happened when I updated to 10.10.4. I dont know. really, just dont lose your money and time with it.

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Worst The Sims after TS1
by brunnoakabbb, Brazil - Feb 23rd 2015

In a nutshell: definitely not worth your money.

After playing every The Sims base game (1,2,3,4) and some of the expansions packs and especials, the only thing I can is: they lost their touch on this one.

1 - the loading screens are back
2 - no cars, bikes or whatever to buy/play
3 - graphics: going down the hill.
4 - extremely dull "neighborhoods" (you can chose out of 2, and those are pretty much boring both due to lack of buildings and things to interact and the loading screens - even to go from one loft to the one right beside it and that you can see it!
5 - bugs: two people same time same place, when sims go inside the house and there is a table near by, they sit and between every interaction (i.e flir, talk, etc) they get up the table and sit again. pretty much annoying and clearly a bug.

I am playing in a macbook latest model upgraded 13 inch, quad core I7, 8GB and Intel Iris. The graphics, even when the very best options were checked it wasn't all of that at all better. The game runs smooth with no frozen screens or operational bugs (even tho the 256 gb HD is basically with only 2,56 GB free and when I play telltale games I only have bugs and frozen screens!).

Finally, I would say again: game not worth neither the waiting time nor the price (what, 50 bucks for this???). I would go further and say that for a fact MAXIS has completely lost their touch and they can be happy that TS3 were and will always be their best game developed ever and throw the towel and stop producing others TS as they are completly going down the hill

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