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Sid Meyer`s Colonization
by Christoph Pfaff, Germany - Oct 5th 2017

I was a big fan of this game in the mid-nineties and i still like it quite a lot. Of course, it is dated and can`t compare to modern games of the kind, but it is already quite challenging and in depth...two big thumbs up

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut Icon
Great Game, Although it is a Bit Dated, by Now
by Christoph Pfaff, Germany - Nov 22nd 2015

Ok, the graphics are old and the gameplay and controlling are a bit rough, but story and characterwise the game is excellent. Especially the protagonist can be shaped into any form from sword-yielding madman to wizardy destroyer to funny rogue. But the best about the game is the adult storyline and the humor it offers. An absolute must for RPG fans and in my opinion the best story of the series...

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The Bard's Tale Icon
Most lilkely the funniest RPG ever
by Christoph Pfaff, Germany - Jul 9th 2015

Hi there,

even though the game isn't really a graphic or gameplay masterpiece, the story is great, ironic, sarcastic, and full of sexual references. Absolutely fun...

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Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition Icon
Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition
by Christoph Pfaff, Germany - Jun 24th 2014

Greetings mortals…this game is amazing. Storywise it easily follows in the footsteps of the Baldur's Gate series with massive options and alternatives. Concerning the playing style, I can only imagine how many options must exist. The game tells me i played about 100hours, and it is still exiting and i have the feeling i missed about half of it. I think i even killed a couple of NPCs but it does not hurt the game in any way. Once i am done, i think i immediately start a new run...

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