Reviews by mdoorkeeper

Kronville: Stolen Dreams

Unplayable kludge.

The game is stuck. It keeps telling me I need to find something I've already found. The item is RIGHT THERE!!, but it won't recognize it. Impossible to proceed. GARBAGE CODE!!!

by mdoorkeeper, - May 26th 2020
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Adventures of Robinson Crusoe


Quitting the app logs out my computer and nothing is saved. Also does not work well with Mac trackpad. Got it on sale, wasted my money.

by mdoorkeeper, - Apr 14th 2020
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The Secret Of Hildegards


No problems with game play. I actually enjoy having to sometimes figure out the point of the puzzles, with no instructions and few clues.
Problem is, the game won't quit gracefully. It seems to struggle with such a simple command. Sometimes it goes black screen and then logs me out of my computer and when I log back in, the app hasn't quit. Once, It just froze and I had to force reboot. How in hell is this thing logging me out?! Why doesn't it just quit on command?

by mdoorkeeper, USA - Sep 6th 2019
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