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Destination: Treasure Island Icon
by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Sep 12th 2012

As usual with Coladia, the graphics are very nicely done. The puzzles are clever but not very challenging, the game is a little short, and there is a groaner of a plot twist about halfway through; the last couple of puzzles (involving rotating stone discs) are not interesting at all. Not one of Coladia's best games; not really recommended.

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Secret of the Lost Cavern Icon
Good but short
by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Feb 4th 2012

Like all of Coladia's games, this one has very appealing graphics and fascinating places to explore. The puzzles are moderately challenging and fairly interesting. Not in the same league as Return to Mysterious Island - the gold standard for the few games I have played - but diverting.

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The Secrets of Da Vinci Icon
Really good game, mostly minor criticisms
by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Dec 29th 2011

This is a clever and beautifully drawn game. The scenes and rooms are often exquisite, the puzzles are intelligent, challenging and varied, there are a number of parallel story lines and even plot twists. You accumulate a huge inventory of fun and interesting objects to use. It was a little choppy at times to play on a Macbook but mostly very smooth. The characters and dialogue are fair (the voices and accents are pleasant). Be warned: there is one puzzle near the end (involving the Mona Lisa) that is nearly impossible and what's worse, not even slightly entertaining. I found a walkthrough for it (many online commenters using PCs discovered a cheat but it doesn't work on Mac) and that's the only way I finished it. Apart from that one glaring flaw, it is a fun and absorbing game.

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Samorost 2 Icon
by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Oct 29th 2011

The scenes are really well done, the environment is creative and interesting, and the puzzles are quite challenging. The storyline is interesting and rather sweet. A good measure of how enjoyable it is - it ends far, far too soon (though the product description gives you fair warning of that)! For the price it is worth it for sure.

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Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal Icon
Pretty but dull
by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Oct 29th 2011

The scenes are quite nice but the puzzles are not interesting at all - there are 10 levels but at each level the one challenge consists of clicking on (for example) all the butterflies, then all the lanterns, then all the flowers, etc. etc. Once in awhile there are mini-games that involve catching drops of a certain colour. It is really not entertaining or mentally stimulating at all. Definitely not worth the money.

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