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Bad port
by gihaddd, USA - Jan 26th 2013

On my mid 09 mbp 9400m 2.53ghz, it just barely meets minimum requirements. I purchased this at the app store 2 weeks ago and, I was able to complete the whole game without any bugs or crashes, but the frame rate is atrocious and the gameplay mechanics are ambiguous. The first 5 levels were exhilarating and I got the gist of what the gameplay would be like,( stealth, espionage) but they switch up mechanics by the end, and the genre turns from stealth action to 3rd person run and gun. Its no wonder this game was on sale for 3 dollars because thats all it's really worth. Great idea and concept but terrible execution in the long run. I suggest anyone with a mid to low mbp, like mine, to just avoid this pitfall, and Digital Tribe LLC should raise the requirements bc its very misleading, or at least release an update for the nvidia drivers bc this could have been ported better.

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut Icon
It alright
by gihaddd, USA - Dec 14th 2012

I bought this on steam a couple of months ago and ran it on my mid 09 mbp 2.53ghz 9400m, without any major issues other than slow frame rates during major effects, and in the marketplace, (which is a pretty large area). The swordplay and 3rd person perspective camera is what compelled me to buy this game the most. But the story is mediocre at best, even with all the graphic themes, you won't be making any major choices until at least 3 hours in. The start of the game was very disappointing as you'll be running fetch quests around a dreadful looking countryside for hours until your finally let into the castle, than the game picks up for a little until you reach the swamp, than fetch quests galore. I made it to the 5th chapter of the game but gave up bc of sheer boredom, and bc they make you backtrack so often it makes you dizzy running around the same map for hours.

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Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Icon
by gihaddd, USA - Oct 5th 2012

I purchased this game a couple of years ago for my mbp 09 9400m 2.53ghz and never really got around to playing it. So i dusted off my computer and installed this game which was a quick download, unfortunately the port is terrible. My major gripe is with the cutscenes that use the game engine because the audio is 4 minutes behind so you'll hear the lines right away than your stuck for five minutes watching the prince and someone else lip sinc bc you cant skip the cutscenes. Personally this ruined the game for me, i played halfway through and the game mechanics are the same, the fighting system is sluggish and unreliable so its better just to stealthily dispatch enemies, and every cutscenes audio is short by five minutes. I uninstalled this POS right away.

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The Walking Dead Icon
Worth one Playthrough
by gihaddd, USA - Sep 18th 2012

Good port on my mid 09 9400m 2.53ghz, I had to move files around for the game to run and save properly so I don't know i'f i'd consider it an excellent port, work needs to be done on the launch screen and autosave feature so that it transfers to steam bc when you download the game you practically have a personal app and a steam app and when the game autosaves it goes to your personal app directory and not the steam app. A 9 hour run-through was pretty satisfying and the story was well written and characters were well thought out, gameplay was kind of boring and the choices didn't really have far reaching consequences, I tried to play a second time through to see how different the story would be, making different choices, regardless of what you do its practically the same outcome, so after one play through the game loses most of its flair, personally i'm not to eager to play the 4th episode.

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Tomb Raider: Underworld Icon
excellent port
by gihaddd, USA - Jun 15th 2012

Apart from the hour download this game runs great on my mid 09 mbp 9400m 2.53ghz, I grew up on the first two Tomb Raiders and gave up when the franchise went in a new direction, I'm pleased to say that Underworld is the closest to the first two in many aspects, with more of an emphasis on exploration, platforming and puzzle solving with some combat thrown in. The graphics are amazing and I cant believe i missed out on playing this during its original release, the first level is almost an ode to The Wreck of the Maria Doira from Tomb Raider 2 with a vast ocean for you to explore with underwater caverns and a kraken. The lighting and atmosphere is the best of the franchise and controls are intuitive and surprisingly work well. The levels are vast and filled with treasures to find and the game does not hold your hand. I thought this one was going to be all about dungeon crawling but i've already explored the depths of the ocean, blown up a military patrol boat and am now traversing a mountainside. This game totally surprised me and now its difficult to put down. Id suggest anyone who is a fan of the originals to purchase this.

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Rage: Campaign Edition Icon
Works on 10.6.8!!
by gihaddd, USA - May 19th 2012

Lately I've been installing graphics heavy games on my mid 09 mbp with 9400m and 2.53 ghz, and surprisingly almost all of them work. I was skeptical with Rage, not bc my graphics card isn't listed, but bc lion is only supported and when you install the game on snow leopard it doesn't even let you get to the menu screen. The way around this is to find Rage in applications> right click> open package contents> click contents > click info.plist> and change minimum system version from 10.7.3 to 10.6.8, make sure that saves and presto you can play Rage on Snow Leopard. With everything dumbed down and res. at 800x600 this game runs very smooth on my low end macbook, I've wasted 5 hours just fiddling with the controls and driving around and I can say this is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric open world games I've ever played. The wing-stick is fun for instant decapitations and the driving and shooting is definitely fast paced and enjoyable. If you own snow leopard and you really wanted to play this game than your welcome!

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The Darkness II Icon
loads of fun, excellent port
by gihaddd, USA - May 14th 2012

I've bought many games for my mid 09 mbp 9400m ghz 2.53, but none seem as artistically stunning and fun as this. Don't worry about the specs because this game isn't graphically tasking, with texture, shadows and resolution dumbed down it still looks great and is a lot of fun, not to mention it runs smooth on my low end mac. With that said I'm having a great time with the weapons and executions and all the upgrades for your character, there is lots of re-playability considering you can upgrade your character differently every play through. The story and atmosphere is astounding and the levels are pretty large. Also the rag doll physics and ripping people in half like a wishbone is a lot of fun. A must recommend to fps fans.

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QUAKE 4 Icon
great fun
by gihaddd, USA - Apr 19th 2012

works great on my mid 09 mbp ghz 2.53 9400m. I had never gotten to play this game during its original release bc i didnt own a 360 so i'm pleased aspyr ported it over to the mac, and by far its one of aspyrs best ports. The gameplay reminds me of Prey and doom 3 but with more of an emphasis on constant and overwhelming fire fights, within the first mission I probably killed over 100 strogg. The a.i is pretty challenging and the atmosphere of the strogg home planet is a sight to take in. For anyone who enjoys a very well made fps and a good port quake 4 is the game for you.

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Borderlands Icon
High Expectations
by gihaddd, USA - Apr 11th 2012

I wish i hadn't gone in to this game with such high expectations, for one with the graphics dumbed down a bit the game runs smooth on my mid 09 2.53ghz 9400m mbp, second I expected this to be an open world game, but everything is split into areas, third the weapons and vehicles are awesome but there really isn't much interaction with npcs other than the ones you have to kill. I found this game to be more frustrating than fun, Some of the maps you have to traverse just to fight a boss is ridiculous, than when you kill the boss you have to run all the way back through waves of npcs you just killed to the start of the map, this is the same with quests and looting. I also hate the fact that you have to switch weapons every couple of missions to find whats better, every time I found a gun that I liked there was always something a little better. trust me, looting was fun for a while than you start to realize how tedious it really is.

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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Icon
by gihaddd, USA - Mar 27th 2012

Same formula as any other lego game, to be honest it kept my attention for a good 8 hours which says a lot, but I could have wasted 25 hrs replaying levels and finding collectibles, but to me thats not very much fun, considering you've already been through the level once. Im playing it on a mid 09 mbp with 2.53ghz and a 9400m graphics card and its one of the worst ports I've ever bought for my mbp. The audio gets garbled up when there are a lot of enemies on screen or if you shoot your blasters too quickly, and this is noticeable throughout the whole game. Also at some points in levels the frame rate magically drops to a snails pace until my characters move to a different spot. You guys at Feral have some good ports, but you should have spent some more time testing this one. Besides this game is worth half the price I paid for it.

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Two Worlds II Icon
Love it already
by gihaddd, USA - Mar 8th 2012

I was skeptical about this purchase considering my mbp doesn't meet the requirements, a mid 09 model with 2.53 ghz and a nvidia 9400m driver, but with the graphics and physics dumbed down this game will work fine on any mid to late mbp's. No crashes and It runs relatively smooth. As goes for gameplay I bought this title bc im not a fan of the elder scrolls, and boy was it a good decision. I like how the story jumps around bc your not in one place for very long, and the controls work well on a computer, with a multi button mouse. Five hours in and I feel that I've only scratched the surface of this massively open world split into islands.

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Mini Ninjas Icon
Its a great game for all ages
by gihaddd, USA - Feb 14th 2012

I went into this game thinking i'd be bored within an hour but boy was i wrong. Theres a lot more depth to the gameplay as they have you possess animals, mix ingredients for potions, level up, fish. Controls are perfect and the camera is especially useful because you don't have to fumble around with the mouse at all. I have no idea what( crappy clunky) is talking about, remapping controls is simple but there is no need to because the controls are already intuitive, this feels more like an older n64 adventure than a wii title. Trust me I usually don't spend 30 dollars but this one is a must buy, considering its probably one of the smoothest mac titles on my computer.

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Icon
for those who actually care
by gihaddd, USA - Feb 14th 2012

The game works fine on my 2009 mbp 9400m 2.53ghz. If you currently own osx lion sucks to be you. It runs crisp and smooth but the gameplay is a little on the repetitive side. I suggest you wait for a price drop under 10 dollars because this game gets pretty boring pretty quick

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Penumbra Collection Icon
would be great
by gihaddd, USA - Nov 30th 2011

If it weren't for the bugs, dont get me wrong the game runs smooth as ever on my mid mbp 2.53ghz 9400m, but all of them, including amnesia, have bugs that stop me from completing the game. In my case its always a missing item that halters my progress. And starting the game over to see if the item reappears is just a waste of time in my opinion. So its fun while it lasts, but frustrating in some aspects.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Icon
last but not least
by gihaddd, USA - Nov 23rd 2011

The mother of all Gta's, san Andreas has a lot to bring to the table. Out of the trilogy this one has the most variety, but compared to gta3 and vc it's not as smooth. People have complained about slow framerate issues and bugs, but the only problems i've noticed is texture load in, which is expected in any free roam game especially as large as san andreas. Other than that game runs perfectly fine on my mid 09 mbp 2.53 ghz 9400m. 150+ vehicles, boats, planes, helicopters, bikes, jetpacks, and a whole lot of weapons is what makes this a must buy. get it while its cheap.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 Icon
Reminds me of childhood
by gihaddd, USA - Nov 23rd 2011

Gta 3 was a masterpiece of a game back in 99 and I still cant seem to put it down today. Out of the trilogy this is personally my favorite. It runs relatively smooth on my mid 09 mbp 2.53ghz 9400m, but out of the trilogy vice city runs the best on mac. Irregardless this is a game no one should turn down. Controls are intuitive and simple enough to grasp and the vehicle physics were, and are still, amazing. This one is personally my favorite because it created a whole different genre of gaming and the open world really gave the player a sense of freedom compared to most the linear titles released around the same time.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Icon
still just as fun!!
by gihaddd, USA - Nov 23rd 2011

I currently own a mid 09 mbp 2.53 ghz with a 9400m graphics card and this game works flawlessly. Sure there are some cutscenes where the audio is a little static, but this is unnoticeable. Compared to all three of the series this runs the smoothest and is personally my second favorite of the trilogy. Controls are intuitive but i suggest you purchase a mouse for finer aiming assistance. This is definitely a title you'll want on your computer or laptop forever.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Icon
one for the ages
by gihaddd, USA - Nov 9th 2011

Im running arkham asylum on a mid 2009 mbp 2.53ghz 9400m and it runs pretty darn flawlessly. Supposedly my graphics card is not supported, but the game runs smoothly and there are no apparent problems. Controls are simple enough to get a grasp of, and using your mouse and keyboard for controls feels quite natural compared to a controller. i've already beaten this game on 360 a while back but felt compelled to purchase it for my mbp, trust me, its that good!

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Duke Nukem Forever Icon
Not bad
by gihaddd, USA - Sep 8th 2011

Im running this game on a mbp mid 09 with 2.53 ghz and supposedly my graphics card( nvidia 9400m) is not supported, but surprisingly the game works fine and runs perfectly for all you who have a mid range macbook but were skeptical about the specs. Im definitely enjoying the game so far and haven't had any problems. All the weapons are trippy and the shotgun blows off limbs!!!! A definite buy for mac gamers.

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Egypt: The Prophecy - Part 1 Icon
3 hours!!!!
by gihaddd, USA - Aug 1st 2011

3 hours of gameplay only worth about 2 dollars, dont buy unless its on sale.

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