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Hail to the king, baby!
by Anarath, Germany - Nov 24th 2011

Like Jorge Cabral already described it in his review the game is fun and its also what I did expect of it.

Hell, its been in development for over a decade now. They began from scratch four times (or more, I didn't remember). Also developers switched constantly. Its a wonder that the game really has been released.

Sure, the graphics are lacking behind but thats something I don't care about. We all knew something like that would happen as a result of being in chaotic development for ages. In the end I'm just grateful that it was not going to be vaporware.

On top of that the game got me the second Duke said the first sentence and it felt like before. I had fun like I did playing Duke Nukem 3D the first time. Hunting down aliens, saving the world (and its babes) and laughing about Dukes way of commenting things.

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The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom: Deluxe Gold Edition Icon
Good game, bad DRM, non-optimized RAM usage
by Anarath, Germany - Nov 24th 2011

Overall its a good game. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are good, the campaign is well made even though its predictable. Multiplayer works well too, but it lacks a massive community like Starcraft 2 has for example. So its no bug if you have an empty session browser sometimes.

A real drawback is that you aren't able to play while being offline because of the strict DRM. So no settling if theres no internet connection available.

I also run into a problem where the game slows down and memory errors occur leading to a crash of the game. This seem only to happen on very long games and probably is caused by the Cider port. I'm on a Mac Pro with 8 GB of memory and I got the message there is not enough memory remaining and the game will quit after playing for a long while. Felt like a bad joke. On the other hand: Which game doesn't have bugs? (And its the only one I run into so far.)

Anyway, I would definitley buy it again.

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Two Worlds II Pirates of the Flying Fortress Icon
Info for Steam users
by Anarath, Germany - Oct 3rd 2011

If you own the Steam version of Two Worlds 2 you will need to buy the add-on via Steam too. The PotFF version Macgamestore offers is not compatible with Steam.

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