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Hidden Mysteries: Gates of Graceland Icon
Elvis Lives!!!!
by lmtur, USA - Apr 30th 2013

This is a wonderful game. Though I've never been to Graceland, this is pretty much how I pictured it. The gist of this game is the discovery of a song Elvis supposedly wrote for his mother. Of course, this is all conjecture and not real, but very well imagined and so ...seemingly possible. However, it all occurred as if in a "dream," since the one entering Graceland (that would be you as the player) was accidentally knocked out before having opportunity to enter. Love the music!!!! Love the atmosphere!!!! Elvis memorabilia!!!! Elvis everywhere!!!! If you're into Elvis, you'll love this game.

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Love Story: the Beach Cottage Icon
Pleasant play. Satisfying conclusion.
by lmtur, USA - Apr 30th 2013

This is not an "adventure" game. The storyline explains the game. It's a romantic game. It's about a love lost continuing and at the right time... that "past" love... found again. There is no wild passion, but sustained commitment, which so many relationships don't have today. Unless you're a sentimental, romantic soul who enjoys relaxing game play, you won't enjoy this game. Pass it up. Me? I loved it! And I recommend it to all you tender hearts out there.

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Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart Icon
Challenging and unexpected!
by lmtur, USA - Apr 27th 2013

For me, the game storyline has as much, if not more, to do with holding your interest as the gaming itself. You start off with a perception of this game and where it may be heading ....and it becomes far more intense and surprising. I recommend it.

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Heartwild Solitaire Icon
Very Relaxing, but by-pass the diary....
by lmtur, USA - Apr 27th 2013

I love the ease with which you play this game. It's quite pleasant gameplay. Very interesting. The only part Idon't like is the unnecessary storyline that accompanies the game play. Periodically you're shown a book ...or rather a diary of sorts, that the supposed female character is writing in as she reveals the progression of her romantic attractions, and interludes. Totally unnecessary. I'd rather have just the card play and forget the diary. But it's worth it just for the card play. Love how the card play changes. Music is pleasant also.

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Awakening: The Skyward Castle Icon
This does not conclude the series....
by lmtur, USA - Mar 4th 2013

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle; Awakening: Moonfell Wood; Awakening: Goblin Kingdom; and now Awakening: The Skyward Castle. This series follows Princess Sophia from the moment she "awakens" within the Dreamless Castle unaware of who she is and what her mission is to be. She follows a course fate has set upon her: to help her people and to find her parents and ultimately to fulfill her own destiny. Forces work against her, but she forges ahead with much welcomed help. This series is very much an adventure game. Well worth-while. I recommend it.

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Dream Inn Driftwood Icon
Dream Inn Driftwood
by lmtur, USA - Oct 28th 2012

Very pleasant game. You've inherited a run down but still functioning seaside inn called "The Driftwood"and you decide to refurbish it to its former glory. Luckily you already have a flamboyant and very personable hotel manager named Emma. She's very positive in her thinking and eagerly encourages you every step of the way. You make your rounds to every room in the inn and while making efforts to clean and put things back in order again (they've gotten alittle mixed up) you find money in selling items you can to customers who are interested in purchasing them. This is where you get your funds. It's not in the least a boring game, particularly for girls, or those so inclined. I found it quite enchanting and refreshing from the scary, dark and forboding games. And as you see your inn take shape, you'll feel and great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I recommend this game.

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Mirror Mysteries Icon
Mirror Mysteries
by lmtur, USA - Oct 28th 2012

It's as it describes. You are the young mother. As you enter the house in search of your children, you are lead into a room filled with mirrors. The spirit of the central mirror speaks to you and tells you your children have caused needless and careless damage to the worlds within the mirrors. You become responsible to undo the damage before your children will be released to you. Therefore, you are enlisted to go on this quest, enter each mirror and repair the damage done.

I found it interesting and although the spirit of the central mirror is holding your children (and therefore a menace in your eyes) he is found to "help" you in your quest, by offering advice and guidance along your way.

Eventually, when all the mirrors and their worlds are repaired, your children are returned to you.

What is the surprise is that it was all a dream... as you awaken to your children's voices. Or... was it a dream?

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Travelogue 360 Paris Icon
Must be me... I got stuck... couldn't finish demo
by lmtur, USA - May 26th 2011

Sorry to say, but my Paris adventure ended before I could get my "suitcase" packed. I got into the "suitcase" packing and the instructions were written more for IBM. I don't have a mouse that has a right and left button, so the articles would not rotate for me. I tried the control button, which works on most of my other games, but didn't work here. Once I placed the first item (at the wrong angle) all the other items wouldn't fit in correctly, but then, it wouldn't let me go back and make a correction, so I was stuck with no way out but to quit the demo. There's no way to reset. So for me... this game was not appealing. Sorry.

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Mystery P.I. - Stolen in San Francisco Icon
Mystery P.I. - Stolen in San Francisco is wonderful play
by lmtur, USA - May 26th 2011

I enjoyed the download so much I had to buy it! I mean if you love H.O. games this is one you've got to get. I mean 25 levels!!! I don't care if you visit scenes three or four times. You look for different objects each time. The scenes are fantastic - just like being in San Fransisco. The background music is perfect and the background sounds and play sounds make the time pass quickly. This is one of my favorites. I'd love more like this one.

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Women's Murder Club: Death In Scarlet Icon
Just going through the motions
by lmtur, - May 3rd 2011

I've had this game for quite some time, and I enjoy the play. Graphics are wonderful. The scenes are excellent quality and the puzzles very enjoyable to solve. I felt more like a secretary or side-kick, running all the evidence, but not really helping to solve the crime. My main problem with it is I didn't feel like I was part of the crime-solving team. The ending came so abruptly and while I was still trying to figure out who it was, the game was over. I wanted to be able to apprehend the quilty party, but he stole that right out from under us. Dissappointing, but still great fun.

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