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Still Holds Up

Those that are serious RPG gamers will like diving into the world of Avadon. Its a classic RPG that relies heavily on reading and exploring. There are large maps to explore and lots of missions to take on or not take on, with of course lots of managing your character and the loot you collect, buy and sell. And I still think the graphics just make the cut and look great.

by Blair Barkley, Canada - Sep 27th 2015
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Teleglitch: Die More Edition

Cool Retro Trippy Sci-Fi

Cool trippy-sci-fi story, great retro pixel art, and face-paced-really-hard-shooter like how games used to be - just hard enough that you keep coming back for more, but not so hard that you give up. Just a really cool game that will be fun for the casual gamer, but also has some layers in the story to keep the hardcore gamer interested. That being said, I found myself getting alittle bored of this title because it's so hard and every time you die you have to start over, hence the rogue-like genre.

Retro Pixel Art
Trippy Sci-Fi Story


by Blair Barkley, Canada - Nov 5th 2014
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Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Great Classic Shooter

Is runs great on my Mid 2010 13" Macbook and looking better than ever. Plays smooth and runs fine.

It's cool to have a starwars classic like this available on Mac. It's still holds up and is just good fun. The staple starwars sounds are partly what make this game great. And the voice acting it good too. But I find it hard, so I'm playing on East so I can see more of the game. And the levels seem farly large too, which makes for lots of exploring and going in circles.

Runs Smooth
Looks Great
Large Levels
Cool Sounds
Voice Acting


by Blair Barkley, Canada - Nov 4th 2014
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The Walking Dead

All About Story

If your a fan of the Walking Dead series, either the comic books or the show, then you'll like this game. It's all about the story and characters, and puts you in control of how they act and what they choose to do.

You go through the game in chapters, like TV episodes. The game play is basic timing stuff, but that's fine, cause it makes it up in everyother way.

You really feel the tension of this zombie wasteland as you desperately try to keep your group alive, quite frequently having to make touch decisions.

by Blair Barkley, Canada - Nov 3rd 2014
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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Deluxe Edition

What You Expect

What can I say, it's exactely what you expect with from the Assassin's Creed lineage. The graphics are outstanding as always and the gameplay is just like all of the other Assassin Creed games.

*Note/Edit: Though my Mid 2010 13" Macbook meets all of the requirements, it still just barely plays. Even on the lowest settings it was just too choppy for me to play. This is the second game I've bought on the Mac Game Store where my Mac met the requirements but was unplayable even on the lowest settings.

by Blair Barkley, Canada - Nov 3rd 2014
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It's pretty good. The pace is kinda slow so I don't feel apart of the story as much as some games. But you know, the more I play Blackguards the more I like it, and the pace is picking up. And I think Sean Bean is the main character's voice, so that ups Blacguards for sure!

I'm playing on my 13 inch Macbook 2010 and I have to have the settings on Medium/Normal to make Blackguards playable. But it does work and looks good.

Good voice acting
Cool story
Great graphics
Nice RPG Leveling up
Lots of Charcters to control

Slower pace (though as the story progresses, there is more fighting!)
Only Interactive for Fighting

by Blair Barkley, Canada - Oct 30th 2014
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Door Kickers

Surprisingly Amazing & Addicting

I was cautious to get this game because my Mid 2010 Macbook had lower specs than the minimum requirements. So I got the game on sale because it still looked interesting. To my surprise, the game runs perfectly with my lower specs, and I haven't noticed any lag or performance issues.

The game itself started out easy enough and I thought, if this is how the rest of the game will go, I'll be finished it in no time. Again, I was surprised! The missions got progressively harder and more complex with each mission I completed. You can even customize your team members with different weapons. There are tons of maps/missions to keep you busy for a long time. And the replay value is about as high as you can get.

Though it's on it's 8th Alpha, I think the game is complete as is.

I can't recommend this game enough. It will last you many hours even once you finish it.

by Blair Barkley, Canada - Feb 17th 2014
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Knytt Underground

You'll Be Surprised

This is a great game that will surprise you. It kinda looks like Limbo, but with a bit more colour and a "brighter" mood. The difference between Knytt and Limbo is that Lnytt feels larger with more of a story with quets. The characters are like hipster fairies and have their own personality and story. These characters you come across give you a little more info on who you are and give you quests. The gameplay is smooth and effortless, and is basically a platform jumper with quests and puzzles. This is a must buy for Limbo and platformer fans. I which I found it sooner!

Tech Specs: And I'm playing it with only 256 MB Video RAM, even though it requires 512 MB, on 10.7.5 Lion, and it plays perfectly!

by Blair Barkley, Canada - Aug 13th 2013
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Best RISK I've Played

This is the best RISK game I've played on my Mac. The graphics are great, the gameplay is copmltely costomizable so I can get the game just the way I want it. And the cool part is, their are some achievements to keep you coming back for more world domination. The only thing lacking is the screen is a 4:3 ratio. I've emailed the devlopers and they said it was standard and cannot be adjusted. I wish it could be fullscreen . . . But other wise, I have no complaints with it. This is a great subsitute for when you can't get all your friends together.

by Blair Barkley, Canada - Aug 13th 2013
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Velvet Assassin (old publish)

Very Slow & Unplayable

Even though my Macbook meets all the tech requirements, this game is still so slow and unplayable. Looks like it would be a good game, but I can't even play it even on the lowest settings. Put this one down as a bad port.

*Note: I've never owned a game that met the tech requirements and was unplayable.

by Blair Barkley, Canada - Aug 13th 2013
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