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What the…?!!!
by Bicket Moon, France - May 3rd 2013

I'll fail at Uni because of this game!

A more hardcore Minecraft, more interesting where the word "survival" will take another dimension. Your goal: SURVIVE!!!
Plenty to discover, plenty to fear as well. You never know what the game has in store to try to kill you.

Warning! This is a die and retry type of game. Patience, cleverness and more patience are required to enjoy it.

The learning curve is HUGE! The more you play, the more experienced you are and the longer you last because yes…the game will kill you sooner or later.

Works perfectly on a MBP 2012 iCore7 8GB.


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GTA What Else?
by Bicket Moon, France - Dec 18th 2012

It's GTA guys. You are free to do what you want and you'll really feel like you're in a movie.

Works well on Macbook Pro i7 8gb (I mean, you don't need all this power to run it. My former Macbook 2gb was running it just fine).
But, the game isn't as "neat" as the screeshots show. Expect aliasing.

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