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Ghost Encounters: Deadwood - Collector's Edition

This game needs a MAP!

This game is SERIOUSLY in need of a MAP! I'm sick & tired of running around all over trying to find the "hook" to put the paper on. The hints are arcane at best & though I'm proably halfway through, I'm thinking of quitting. Animation is nonexistant. The "bad guy" just glides around looking menacing. On the plus side, the mini games are pretty easy. The HO part is also pretty easy but when one is looking for shapes, the objects are not removed, so everything is still there, making it even more difficult to find things. I guess, all in all, the game is pretty cheap, so just beware of the minuses here & go for it if you'd like to try it.

by DonnáDarko, USA - Feb 3rd 2014
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Runaway With The Circus


The bad resolution of the artwork in this game sometimes make it very difficult to recognize an object. Also, it's quite obvious the makers aren't American because they don't know the difference between a bowler hat and a fedora and one of the men even had his fedora on backwards. It's an okay game but not a great game.

by DonnáDarko, USA - May 16th 2013
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Age of Enigma


I just tried the demo of this game but it is so annoying that I don't plan to buy it. Some of the mini games are very hard and if you don't get something right the first time a huge YOU FAILED sign pops up, even if some of the things you did were correct. The graphics are not anywhere in the demo as nice as the ones in the ad. And the animation, when there is any, is rudimentary at best. I don't think the game is worth $10.

by DonnáDarko, USA - May 5th 2013
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A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets


This game is not too bad but rather glitchy. I have had to quit and restart numerous times in order to keep playing. I also downloaded a walkthrough because the hints aren't very good at telling what's next. Even with the walkthrough and the hints agreeing that I need to do a particular thing, I can't do that thing. Very frustrating. I certainly don't recommend this game to a beginner.

by DonnáDarko, USA - Apr 26th 2013
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Film Fatale: Lights, Camera, Madness!


I only played a few minutes of this game, so my review may be unfair, but the strident voice of the heroin really put me on edge. If I sounded and talked that way, I'd get a voice coach or shut up! The snarky, "insane" voice of the villain is also over the top and quite annoying. The cursor is awkward, sluggish, slow to change when moving around a scene. Also, even in the "relaxed" mode, it takes the hint a really loooong time to recharge. I like an edgy, dark game this one is just annoying.

by DonnáDarko, USA - Jan 26th 2013
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The 7th Guest

Don't see the good in this

I tried this game mainly on the reviews of others, and it may have been innovative in its day, but my advice is stay away. The intro is looooong and tedious; the acting is completely ludicrous; the voices are hilarious; the resolution on my brand-new MacBook Air is dreadful; the one puzzle I could get to (the cake) was mediocre at best. But worst of all I couldn't quit the game without resorting to ctr+Q. I got to the quit screen, named and saved a game, clicked quit and yes I really, really, really want to quit and a strident, discordant voice shouted, "Come back," and there I was back at the quit menu, over and over until, in desperation, I hit ctr+Q. I'm betting my game isn't saved and I'll have to sit through that stupid intro for the fifth damn time!

by DonnáDarko, USA - Aug 22nd 2012
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Shutter Island

Very disappointing & not worth $20

First, I heard that this game crashes every time on every Mac when played in windowed mode. I didn't know this when I downloaded the trial, so can't verify. This seems like a very hastily thrown together game, probably so it would come out around the same time as the movie. The graphics of the outside, non-game-play areas, are very nice, but the graphics of the game-play areas are just okay. But worst of all, the items to find seem "pasted" on and seem to "jump out" at you. The only ways they can make it seem difficult to find these pasted-on items is by making the scenes really dark, by having flashing "electricity" and by superimposing "migraine headache" effects onto the screen. The one mini game I played was a math game and way too easy; a third grader could have done it. One of the things you do is collect items and when they're all collected you click on a hot spot which opens up with three or four circles into which you must laboriously move your collected items, one by one by one. There is absolutely no challenge in this, just boring click and drag. This gets you some information or opens another scene.

I recommend you not buy this game at least until the price comes down.

by DonnáDarko, USA - Feb 16th 2010
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