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Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune Collector's Edition

Issues with cut scenes in demo

The various cut scenes have sound but no video it does not stop the game but it is obviously a bug . . .

forgetting yjis the game is a pretty ordinary hidden object game with no real bells and whistles

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Sep 4th 2014
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Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost

Demo crashed so god help the purchased version

The demo started flahed up studio and distributor screens for a few seconds then went straight into a video clip which ran for about 10seconds then crashed to the buy it screen.

my Mac meets all the requirements

a demo supposed to help people make up their minds about a game not turn them off it

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Aug 10th 2014
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Abandoned Chestnut Lodge Asylum

Good intro bad game play

HD scenes are badly done.

They rely far too much on dark areas and objects that are invisble or barely discernible even when pointed out with HINT

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Mar 23rd 2014
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The Curse of the Werewolves

Clumsy bad version of a hidden object game

Based on demo

There are many many more better versions of this bloated category of games (sometimes listed as anything from adventure to sim). Hidden object games need to be have clear graphics, scaled hidden objects and objects need to be able to be found without psuhing up gamma levels to search miniature sized objects hidden in dark corners.

This game fails on the all the above. the objects renot to scale, the graphics in the hidden object sections are poor etc.

hints only appear on occasion and whilst one should not rely on them on thecasual level they should be in every scene not just a select few

I am no a real fan of hidden object games but have seen much better one than this on this site. I prefer simulations and RPG MRPG

if you like this sort of game personally i would look at others


by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Jan 28th 2014
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Van Helsing I. Complete Pack

A diabloesk game that fails


text way too small (look at the screen shot for an example)
not much of a decent sory line
relies heavily on grunt rush metality


some basic choices

could be much better with more customisation and a better ui

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Jan 11th 2014
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Chimeras: Tune of Revenge Collector's Edition

Hangs and crashes

Its a resonably well done hidden object game BUT it hangs and crashes.

OS Version: Mac OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Dec 17th 2013
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Crystals of Time

Poorly implemented hidden object

Full screen mode apparently means putting a black border around the game window to fill the screen. In short there is no REAL full screen just a pretend one with the same sized game window just surrounded by black to fill the rest of the screen

Text/Print size is small in a lot of windows. Once again this does not change in so called full screen mode.

When clicking on hidden object you often have to click on a certain spot on the object for the game to register you have located the item.

Could have been a half decent game if so thought had been put into the UI, game screens, and text.

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Dec 16th 2013
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Hidden World of Art

Bad implementation of a Hidden object game

Who ever wrote the story and text for this game their native language was obviously not English and it has been translated literally but not with a good understanding of the English language or the writers grasp of grammar & English is somewhat unique

There appears to be only one play mode most games or this type have at least two.

Objects are distorted and hidden in dark areas or the description is wrong for example a clock is not a watch ( this sadly happens in even the better games e.g. a coat hanger is not a hat rack). I believe this happens because the programmers etc either are not familiar with the objects or their native language is not their native tongue of the country its being sold in - not that that should matter as long as problems are picked up & corrected during translation.

Pity this game could have had potential if your into this sort of game

There are so many Hidden object games out there, many under other guises eg Adventure, that this one can be safely passed over unless your mad about art and love being frustrated.

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Sep 6th 2013
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Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper Collector's Edition

Full screen Mode does not work

Does not matter if you tick or untick full screen mode it does not work

at least in the demo so why buy a game if the demo does not even deliver the basics


by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Jul 20th 2013
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The 39 Steps

Graphics acceptable almost and a weird unnecessary cumbersome interface

I gave it 2 stars because of the amount of work that went into this . . . exercise

I think reading the book or listening to an audio version would be better than wading though this version.

The controls are unusual to take a kind view of them for example to open some doors it takes 4 mouse actions and nothing is achieved except you enter the space beyond the door. to read text your move your mouse in clockwise or counter clockwise rotation often having to rotate in the opposite direction as you have over shoot what you wish to read.

Most of the animation/films are shadow images like the first image above.

Clicking on newspapers if allowed brings up an old type newspaper but most items you cant click on and if you do they only show a blown up view.

Being able to blow up zoom views is done well and needed in some cases to read text letters etc.

There are No puzzles as far as i can tell and awards are given as you advance though the book and for no other reason as far as i can tell.

Sadly the amount of work spent on the art work and voice acting to tell the story is wasted due to the cumbersome interface

This could have been a MUCH MUCH better Application but was let down by the interface design and implementation

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Apr 22nd 2013
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Mystery of the Nautilus


There is a reason ths game has no demo once people played a demo they would not bother buying this game.

It's a very very very bad implementation of a point and click adventure and over the many many years i have played just about most of them, this would have to rank as one if not the worst

definitly NOT worth your mney or effort

I am sorry i wasted mine please dont waste yours

graphics low res and blurry - hurts my eyes

gameplay no logic to what you have to do and very little visual if no feedback eg when you pick up something to usually some animated sequence normaly shows the results eg placing a key from inventory shows key in door and lock turning or door unlocking - not so with this game

very little you can do in any given area e.g. the blurry artwork is mainly just that very little is any area is active in any way and most of that is movement.

there is much much much better games out there for even a cheaper price than this waste of space if price is an issue.

I could name a few recent ones but i not sure if they are availbale on this site so i will not short change Mac Game Store which runs an execllent site but like most other sites bad apples get into the app barrel and you should not judge this site by this review andthis "game" they carry many excellent games at some great price discounts

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Mar 17th 2013
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Cities in Motion

Graphics Ok in some modes

I have an iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 6 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM and ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB.

In the high modes the game start screen is fine but when you start a new game or the tutorial you cant see the map (the screen appears blank where the map and buildings should be but the street names etc show up if you move your mouse around).

In order to see the map graphic you have to drop the graphics way down in order to play the game. I don't know if this is an issue with my chipset or my running Lion 10.7.3.

Also after playing for awhile the game becomes unresponsive so you need to restart it and free up memory.

There are better sims out there but it's not too bad, but like most games of this vintage it rarely gets updated or debugged and i think it's long overdue.

The games graphics are ok but nothing to write home about

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Mar 5th 2012
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The Princess Case - A Royal Scoop

Basic subpar hidden object game

aside from the fact that it does not display the objects your looking for and that they are hidden behind objects you dont know to click on and without the clues no one would ever find some.

very basic game i put up with aside from the above until it referred to a known terrorist group as freedom fighters.

Lost me.

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Jan 16th 2012
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Early Torchlight

Fate is basically a early version of Torchlight which is much more polished.

I played this ages ago and it's much more repetitive than Torchlight eg dungeons looked all the same.

Like Torchlight it can be moded but from memory was at the time more buggy if you think of it as a early beta Torchlight you would not be far off. One would hope the current version is more stable than it used to be. Best to save often if in doubt.

Get Torchlight it's a much better experience and its by the same people.

I give this a 3 and Torchlight a 5 star rating.

Torchlight 2 will be out later this year (unless it's put back) and should also have multiplayer . .

Nuff said

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Feb 26th 2011
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Scrabble Classic Plus


I don't know how this runs under older Mac OS's but under 10.6.4 it bombs out on a regular basis . . . not so much in the normal game but in the other modes. I have not be able to finish a game of Scrabble Golf etc . . . Not good . . . needs an update . . . badly.

Other wise I like the game it needs a user dictionary. as it does not recognise some basic words etc.

If the bugs were fixed i would rate it much higher . . .

unfortunately the demo ran fine then again i only used the standard mode and it only lasts for an hour so I did/could not check everything

Get the demo and try and play as many modes as possible before you buy . . .

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Aug 16th 2010
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Excellent Value

I cant believe how good this game is for the price. It's very Diablo like, and excellent Value for the money.

Buy it you will not regret the purchase and if you buy 3 games you get one free which makes it even cheaper.

When you don't want to log into WOW and need a quick fix look no further.

It runs under 10.6.4 with no worries. with Torchlight on my Mac and Dungeon Hunter on my Iphone I should survive until Diablo III.

Anyone who's ever played Diablo will feel right at home with game. Yes they could make more chracter types etc but you have several to choose from and for the price i dont think anyone could argue that it is not good value for the price.

by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Aug 6th 2010
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