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by Carole Starz, USA - Jul 29th 2011

I liked Zuma Deluxe (like the first reviewer), but am having troubles with Zuma Revenge. I bought the full version and have been having momentary freeze-ups and problems quitting the game...sometimes have to use force quit. When it does quit, it often leaves a thin line across the screen/desktop. For some reason it also occasionally opens PhotoShop??? I have an Intel processor, but still have these glitches. When it works, it is a fun game...when it doesn't, it is a pain.

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Don't bother with this one...
by Carole Starz, USA - Sep 12th 2009

I downloaded the demo and tried to open 'options', but the screen did not accept my mouse clicks. I couldn't get it to do anything (go to full screen, mute the music, etc.). Then when I tried to quit the game, it would not close. I had to "force quit" it. This seems buggy as any I've tried. It is not worth the hassle.

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