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Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder Icon
Way, way to short
by Myvonne, USA - Mar 21st 2011

I finished the entire game within the hour demo. It was occassionally hard to see some of the objects that had to be found, but that's true for any game. If you haven't played the previous one (like me), the storyline won't make much sense. It was entertaining for the hour, but not a lot of replay value.

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Secrets of the Vatican: the Holy Lance Icon
Far too easy
by Myvonne, USA - Sep 3rd 2010

The plot line is interesting, but the hidden objects are easy to find. On top of that, the game is extremely short. I finished the game while playing the demo. There isn't much replay value either.

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Azada Icon
Good, but too easy.
by Myvonne, USA - Apr 2nd 2009

Azada is a really good game, but far too easy! If many challanging puzzles are your thing, then this is probably not the game for you. However, this a very good game with good graphics and sound to go along with it.

Another problem I found with it is it won't let me save my game. It always sends me back to the beginning, which is very frustrating since I don't have a lot of free time on my hands, andI can't keep playing for hours (even though I'd love too). Youmight want too look into that...

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