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Homeworld Remastered Collection Icon
Still an Excellent game!
by DMSilva, Netherlands - Oct 26th 2016

Way way back I already had this game once in my possession, when I still played on a regular pc. Then I made the transition to a Mac, so obviously from that point on I couldn't play the game any longer (Yes, I admit, I am an Apple freak). Until I saw the game became available for the Mac after a long, long, very long time. And without hesitation I knew I had to have it once more. Because, YES, this game is THAT good! It was an award winning game around the beginning of the new millennium AND IT STILL kicks ass on a GRAND SCALE! I still have to come across that can compete with this game when it comes to a 3D-space RTS game!!

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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition Icon
Instant hooked and instant gratification!
by DMSilva, Netherlands - Oct 26th 2016

Yes, this game can get you hooked INSTANTLY and CONTINUOUSLY! You don't even have to be a hardcore LOTR-fan to enjoy the excitement, the spectacle, the visuals, the story line and all the other perks to spend hours and hours playing this game, because this game in itself is breathtakingly beautiful and exhilirating till the very last second! This is one purchase I haven't regretted at all!! Hell, I'd welcome if they would make another one like this!!!

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