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Civilization V: The Complete Edition Icon
A dissapointment.
by Thomas Jefferson, Canada - Jan 8th 2017

It's still Civ so it is, a the minimum an amazing game but if you've played previous versions then it might be a step or two back. In an attempt to make it more multi-faceted they have taken away some of the fun and the charm. To build a wonder you now have to complete the pre-requisite building in every city you own. If you play the game then you understand this is huge problem for larger CIV's and you end up never making some wonders - ever. The diplomacy has always been fickle and it's worse now. Partners or other CIV's turn on you without warnng or any sense. The sense of AI is totally ruined by this - the other CIV"s are basically random characters that act in any fashion at any time. The city states are an improvment and at least they act consistently. Combat is fun, and I would say better than in previous versions. I don't like the character illustrations and building a wonder is less momentus. For me the whole game is a lot less charming than previous versions - it's still CIV but I've played it a couple of times now on many levels and I'll probably delete it.

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Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Icon
Fun but annoying.
by Thomas Jefferson, Canada - Feb 11th 2012

It's a fun game, the rising sun (japan) armies are pretty cool but overall the gameplay is pretty annoying. It's more silly than previous C&C games which is okay but it's somehow just not as fun. The cutscenes are hilarious BTW - movies with TIm Curry and Jenny McCarthy? Believe it. Wish you could skip them after seeing them 10 times though....

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