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Addictive Murderous Fun
by Vlazreus, USA - Jan 8th 2017

This game is great all around. I enjoyed it so much that the first night after I bought it I played it for twelve hours straight and missed an orchestra concert I was supposed to play in.

The combat is fun and the stealth is fun. I enjoy the historically accurate setting and the strategy elements of upgrading the city and repairing buildings and recruiting assassins. The micromanagement is mildly tedious at times but overall I think it adds a new aspect to the game that enriches it beyond just hack and slash.

The forced stealth in some missions is irritating as hell to me but I understand that stealth is part of the whole point of the game.

The interface leaves a little bit to be desired as far as how it was ported from Console to PC, it still feels like it was designed for the consoles and it's awkward on the computer. I had to fiddle with the keybindings and stuff to get it playable.

Climbing all over everything is wonderful. No insurmountable waist high fences in this game! seriously that alone makes this a winner in my book.

This game has some issues but overall I love it and it's tons of fun.

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