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Short But Challenging
by LB_, Canada - Mar 24th 2019

Great purchase when on sale!! Decent cahllenges, but relatively short gameplay. Fun for a rainy afternoon.

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Really happy with this purchase!
by LB_, Canada - Jul 10th 2015

I had a great time playing this adventure! I really enjoyed the puzzles and the story. Callenging but not impossible puzzles, and I felt quite clever once I had them solved. All pretty logical. Graphics and colours are great, if you are into the classic 2D games. Unfortunately, like other Daedalic games I found there was WAY too much dialogue and I get bored and want to click through it. Also, like other Daedalic main characters (Deponia) Anna's voice and do-gooder personality became too much to listen to. I had to mute the voice audio (happy I was able to to this, nice touch!) and just read the dialogue. Regardless, I would play again once I forget the story.

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Waste of time
by LB_, Canada - Dec 1st 2014

If I could give this less than 1 star I would. This isn't a game. It's a story. And you don't DO anything but follow through from room to room picking up scraps of paper, tapes, and useless items which you soon realize are there for NO purpose. Don't waste your time trying to figure out any lock combinations... no need, theres nothing in there that you would need to finish the game. Sorry, there is no challenge here... I would get excited because the game is creepy as hell.. until you realize nothing is going to happen. Useless side stories and papers to read which have nothing to do with anything. Don't waste your time. Horrible.

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Too short!
by LB_, Canada - Nov 14th 2013

Great game! Clever, enchanting, unique and challenging but WAY TOO SHORT. Finished in a day. Probably 30 mins to 1hr of actual game time, obviously not including the time it takes to figure out all the puzzles, but it's maybe 8 -9 scenes of puzzles then leaves you hanging in mid-air…literally. Hopefully there is a sequel and hopefully it is a longer or less than $9.

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Sooooo much dialogue!
by LB_, Canada - Sep 22nd 2013

This game was visually stunning! A beautiful game, with the feel of the old adventure classics. A magical, colourful world with unique characters. The plot itself starts out kind of slow, then the middle is challenging, very fun and a real adventure. Then the ending is kind of all over the place in what feels like a rushed attempt to make the game longer but with no rhyme or reason… I just ended up clicking around. And speaking of clicking… there is soooo much dialogue I resorted to just clicking through most of it! SOOOOO much dialogue and aimless conversation. Sometimes it's just the main character talking to himself and nothing he his saying contributes to the story at all. It was cute at first, but it quickly becomes tiresome. I wanted to give it 3 stars because of how annoying the dialogue was, but I upgraded to 4 star because its beauty makes up for its shortcomings.

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The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles Icon
Not as good as first
by LB_, Canada - Feb 3rd 2013

This sequel was no where near as good as the first. It felt MUCH shorter and much less exciting! It's really only about Nate and Critter, and Critter gets REALLY annoying in my opinion because you have to play his character for so long and he only has about 4 incomprehensible lines that he repeats over and over. You basically only ever get play as Nate and Critter which was a bit boring and the sweet little hobbit from the original isn't even in it, nor is the girl. Puzzles were fine, still challenging but logical and felt great to solve. Game finishes on a strange note... I didn't know I was done. I suppose it leaves you hanging with the prospect of a sequel, but the game crashed on my at the end so I couldn't tell if it was done or just crashing. I had to read a walkthru to let me know I was indeed finished.

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Book of Unwritten Tales
by LB_, Canada - Aug 7th 2012

Just completed the game and it was so fun! GREAT adventure game, like the real adventure style. NO hidden puzzles! Good story for the most part, pretty funny dialogue but maybe a little too much dialogue. The puzzles were challenging! Not impossible, but logical and it feels great to figure it out. My only cons would be the somewhat excessive dialogue (only in some parts) and a few glitches (eg. an inventory item was saying one thing but showed another). Would buy this game again in a second! I had a great time playing it, cant wait to forget it so I can play it again!

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