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Alien: Isolation - The Collection Icon
Finally, an ALIEN game that doesn't suck...
by Strongblade, Canada - Oct 31st 2015

I have already played this multiple times on the PS4 and it is truly one of the best games made using the ALIEN franchise. Unlike most run and gun style games, this one is a stealth-horror style game that fits well into the ALIEN timeline and focuses on Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter, who is seeking closure with the death of her mother (or supposed death, as it takes place 15 years after ALIEN but a number of years before ALIENS, so she is presumed dead).

If your like stealth horror style games, or love the ALIEN movies, this is an excellent choice. It also includes all the DLC content as well.

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Lifeless Planet Premier Edition Icon
Excellent game with a few issues
by Strongblade, Canada - Jul 4th 2015

I found this game quite engaging and interesting. The jumping puzzles, for the most part, weren't too difficult. I did run into the space bar jump death once, but restarting the game fixed that. Otherwise I did have issue with the dark areas (and the lava section, which was dark with black everywhere) making it hard to figure out where to go and what to do. But beyond those small issues, it was well worth the investment.

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Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition Icon
Awesome game!
by Strongblade, Canada - May 18th 2014

I played this on XBOX 360 and loved it to death, I was quite surprised to see it on Mac and the Elite edition, including the Sniper Challege and all the extra DLC, is certainly worth it. And at $25.00 it is a steal!

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Shadow Warrior Classic Redux Icon
Classic Wang!
by Strongblade, Canada - May 18th 2014

Ahh yes, Lo Wang, the silly action hero of Shadow Warrior. This game is filled with silly innuendo, lame jokes, and ridiclous dialogue. I loved every minute of it from the nineties, and it holds up suprosingly well today. There is a few issues here and there (most noteably the interface not displaying properly when you hit esc.) and the humour is rather infantile, but it holds alot of nostalgic fun as well. If you enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D, you'll enjoy this.

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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Icon
Larry is back!
by Strongblade, Canada - Jul 17th 2013

The loveable loser, Larry Laffer is back in this expanded and improved graphical game that started it all! Along with the original game story, there is expanded content from the original game that has been 'slipped' in seamlessly!

A must have for fans of Leisure Suit Larry and point 'n' click adventure games!

Rated "iM" for "imMature" content! :)

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition Icon
Best in the series yet!
by Strongblade, Canada - Jul 17th 2013

Deus Ex Hman Revolution is the long-awaited 'prequel' game to one of my favourite games ever - The original Deus Ex (2000). I have played and replayed this one almost as many times as the original!

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