Reviews by Bowser

Feeding Frenzy

Not bad but boring

This is a classic game. It is very original and controls are fantastic. This game especially appeals to children but some adults may find it entertaining. I personally lost interest pretty quick because it lacks variety and the graphics are bad. For 10 bucks I doubt this game is worth it.

by Bowser, - Oct 2nd 2012

Mahjongg Platinum 5 Deluxe Edition

Unresponsive and hard to see. Difficult to navigate. Better options.

This game looks like a great Mahjongg game. But the thing is, it isn't. Take a look at these 3D screenshots. Sure they look snazy, but see how small the pictures are? And can you see the ones on the other side of the layout? No, you cannot. So 3D mode is just no. I had to switch to 2D mode just to play this game.

The game gives no directions on how to play if you don't know how to play. Or maybe it does and they are too hidden. Usually the directions are given up front, but here they are not.

Also, when you are done with a level, it doesn't take you to a new one. It just restarts and you have to navigate a maze of menus to try to play a new level. Very Very poorly made layout.

Heres one last killer, the game doesn't respond sometimes when you click on the cards! It is so frustrating because Mahjongg is a timed game and it slows you down when you have to click 10 times before it responds. Very disappointing. And zooming doesn't work. I scroll and the game freaks out. I had to put on arrow scrolling to get it to work.

by Bowser, - Sep 28th 2012


Simple. Fantastic. Addicting.

I was hesitant at first with this game because it looked boring inside of the pictures. But I am happy to say that I gave it a try. The game runs very well and has fantastic graphics. The game is more of a board game than a simulation game. It kind of reminds me of monopoly except maybe a little bit better. Once I started, the tutorial helped a lot and you get started right away. It is very easy to learn. And very addicting. I played through the entire campaign in a few hours because it was so much fun. I will enjoy custom mode, but I will miss the campaign levels.

- Addicting and FUN
- Graphics
- Compatibility
- Ease of use
- 5 star game!
- Price
- Custom mode

- Only 3 campaign levels

Grab it!!

by Bowser, - Sep 27th 2012


No lion support

Come on GarageGames. This one needs updated or it needs removed.

by Bowser, - Sep 25th 2012

Marble Blast Gold

YES YES YES! Perfect game

If you are going to get one game from this store, get this one. It has so much play value and is a joy to play. Very addicting and now with lion support you seriously can't go wrong. I am 18 and I still play this after playing it for several years as a kid. It's that good.

At least get the demo :)

by Bowser, - Sep 25th 2012

Teddy Floppy Ear: The Race

Very beautiful with wonderful controls!

You couldn't ask for a better game with 5 bucks. This racing game may look like the others, but it is very fun and addictive and you get the hang of driving these cars around the track.

There is maybe one glitch and that is that sometimes it thinks I am in 4th, 5th, or 3rd when actually I am in 1st. It doesn't get in the way though.

Its a blast especially for kids.

by Bowser, - Sep 25th 2012

Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition

One of the best gameplay hidden objects ever! Storyline was the drawback

Gogii Games makes very fun and usually creepy hidden object games and this one was a lot of fun to play. I actually played it through and it took me about 3 or 4 hours to complete. It was a lot of fun too! They have a very creative new hidden object feature that is different and harder but very enjoyable. Perfect animations and I can tell a lot of work was put into this. The game was downright beautiful.

However, the story was lacking. I was very excited and wanted that twist but never got one. Very predictable and kind of anticlimactic in my opinion.

Very good though. Great job Gogii Games

by Bowser, - Sep 24th 2012

North vs South

This game is very meh

There really doesn't seem to be much to this game. I would recommend it to maybe someone who was 12 years old but beyond that you will be very bored. It looks kind of like Risk except its not as fun or complex. The graphics are nice I suppose but the animations are dull and so is the gameplay.

by Bowser, - Sep 24th 2012


Excellent board game

I enjoyed playing Monopoly growing up and this game makes the experience 10x more enjoyable. Especially when playing with friends. No need to worry about the dogs walking on the board.

Very beautiful graphics and customizable difficulty and amount of players.

by Bowser, - Sep 24th 2012

Sparkle 2 EVO

Poorly done controls make this game a bust

This looks like the kind of game I would enjoy; good graphics, lighting, and even nice music. It started out that way and I didn't have a problem although the startup screen was a bit weird. However everything changed when I started playing.

The instructions for how to play began and I started by using the WSAD controls because thats what I like to use normally. But these controls were just horrible. I went in opposite directions and couldn't tell where I was going. So I tried using the mouse and it went a bit better but It still wasn't satisfactory. The only good thing about this game is the graphics. Demo before you buy and you will understand.

by Bowser, - Sep 24th 2012

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