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Lords of Xulima

Slow, tedious, boring

I player games on my Commodore 64 that were faster. If I play any more of this game I'll die of boredom. It spends an inordinate amount of time loading screens and combat sessions. Combat is a joke. It may be beautiful graphically, but the game play is awful. Absolutely no replay value. I've already unistalled it. And it's not my Mac - I have a maxed out Retina 5K - 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM, 4GB video.

by DaveF, USA - Feb 10th 2016
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Planets under Attack

Buggy game. Look elsewhere.

Fun to play in the beginning. Then I found a major bug in the level where you pay back money - it's not extending the attack clock, so you end up constantly being attacked. Disappointed in the game, and deleting it from my system.

by DaveF, USA - Nov 11th 2012
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Don't waste your money

Good up to a point, then the game play is seriously flawed (plus I think the game has a few bugs). Glad it was on sale for $2.49, otherwise I would have been ticked.

by DaveF, USA - Nov 28th 2011
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Eschalon: Book II

It's okay, but I've played better D&D style games

I've been playing games of this genre since the days when Commodore 64's ruled the planet - Bard's Tale, Pool of Radiance, etc., all the way through Diablo and Neverwinter Nights on the PC. I don't expect a smaller developer to equal the big boys, but I find some aspects of the game sorely lacking (and I won't even go into the mixing of genres that you discover as you explore the final levels battling the Taurax as that would be a spolier).

This game would have been better off with fewer character development options and better game play. Advancement is a little too slow for my tastes, and the rewards of battle should have been greater. It's great that you can jump between locations once you've been to key points (or gain the teleport spell), but be prepared to do a lot of walking to get there (and the back and forth between cities makes the game monotonous).

As it stands, the game tries to be too much. It would have been better with less features, more action and better character development/advancement. If they release Book III, I doubt that I'll be buying it.

by DaveF, USA - Jun 20th 2010
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Great Demo - Wish the rest of the game was as entertaining

The demo of the game is amazing, but once I purchased it and played for a while it began to lose its charm. The action is way to fast - instead of relaxing, the game becomes highly frustrating. It may be that the developer forgot to compensate for fast CPU's (I have a 3.06 Core 2 Duo) , but by the 3rd level the action was getting entirely to fast and within seconds there was no way to win. I've played physics based games before - World of Goo is amazing in that respect. Wish this game was more like that one.

Glad this was only $9.95. I seriously doubt that I'll purchase anything from this developer in the future.

by DaveF, USA - Dec 24th 2009
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