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The Fall Trilogy - Chapter 1 - Separation Icon
by NoriMori, Canada - Oct 10th 2014

This game doesn't offer anything you couldn't get from an online point-and-click game without paying $5. In fact, it offers less — I've played online point-and-click games that are far more fun, challenging, and interesting. The only thing this offers that many online point-and-clicks don't is a 3-dimensional setting, and that's not exactly a huge selling point in a genre where aesthetics is at *best* a secondary focus.

I also recall having trouble with the opening screen, where I found I could not type certain letters. I believe I also saw some things that were in French. That strikes me as rather sloppy.

Lastly, I discovered that the help system is awful. I used the feature on a puzzle that I couldn't figure out for the life of me. Firstly, there was no option for a mere hint or nudge — I could either do the puzzle myself or have the game do it for me. That's bad enough, but worse, after I used it, I could not go back to that room now that it was solved, so I couldn't even see what the solution was!

Some of the puzzles were good, but I don't even remember them anymore. I found this game very forgettable. Upon finishing it, I had no interest in buying the rest of the series, because why would I pay money for more of this when it doesn't even compare favourably to its free counterparts?

Save your money and go play something that's at least imaginative and intriguing, like Submachine — or if you insist on parting with your money, try Inbetween Land.

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Kairo Icon
Keep your money
by NoriMori, Canada - May 29th 2014

It's entirely possible that you will enjoy this game. The critics sure seemed to. But I didn't. I didn't absolutely hate it, and if nothing else, it definitely succeeded in being mysterious. But I certainly have no interest in playing it a second time.

There is such a thing as too minimalist and too abstract, and I think that's where Kairo has unfortunately landed itself. There's too much "nothing" to navigate to even get to the puzzles in the first place; the setting is far too open considering how little you get out of exploring it. The puzzles were very poorly designed, uninspired and lackluster. Unfortunately Kairo's setting worked *against* the the puzzles and good puzzle design in general, even though it needn't have. This was all the more disappointing to me considering how well-made Richard Perrin's debut game "the white chamber" was.

The hint system is also badly executed. The hints always seem to go from "not helpful" to "still not helpful" to "let's just basically tell you the answer and ruin it for you".

For those of you who have played Antichamber, allow me to draw a comparison: Antichamber succeeded where Kairo failed. Antichamber is inspired, inspiring, powerful, elegant, and unforgettable. Kairo, though it tried hard, is *none* of those things. If I try, I can recall moments that felt awe-inspiring at the time; but they have not stuck with me. They were forgettable, as was most of this game.

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Inbetween Land Icon
Really cool puzzles
by NoriMori, Canada - Oct 22nd 2012

I really enjoyed this game. The puzzles are challenging but fun. When you figure them out, you feel smart rather than feeling like an idiot. My only complaint is that buying only gave me maybe another hour or two of gameplay on top of the demo, so it felt like I wasn't paying for very much. But taking the game as a whole, I would say it's worth the money.

I really enjoyed the island setting. It has a Laputa/Atlantis-esque feel to it, and the design of the puzzles adds to this atmosphere. I just wish the game didn't say the inhabitants were aliens. Considering their technology, and their human appearance, it would be more believable to say that they were a lost civilization, like Laputa in "Castle in the Sky", or the city of Atlantis. But this is just nit-picking, it doesn't take away from the game's fun.

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Marble Blast Gold Icon
Love this game
by NoriMori, Canada - Oct 16th 2012

I first played this game years ago when I was in my early teens, and fell in love with it immediately. As a reviewer below said, it's "shallow fun". In all the best ways! It's simple, but still makes you use your brain, while being ridiculously fun at the same time. The bright colours and simple graphics make you feel good and let you focus on playing.

And it's cheap! For the number of levels, and the hours of fun it provides, $6.99 is a VERY good price!

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Diner Dash Icon
Love it, BUT
by NoriMori, Canada - Oct 16th 2012

I frigging love this game, and I almost had a heart attack when I saw that it's on the Mac Game Store! BUT, it's not compatible with Intel Macs!

REALLY, Playfirst??? I mean, REALLY???

Sad that I can only play the demo version on a browser. But if it ever becomes compatible, I will download it in a HEARTBEAT. It's so fun and addictive! If your Mac is compatible, BUY IT NOW!

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Icon
by NoriMori, Canada - Jul 9th 2012

At first, I wasn't convinced that this game was actually going to be scary. I started playing, and all that happened at first was that there were some weird noises and the walls seemed to pulsate when I was on low sanity. I thought, "Creepy, sure. But scary? No." I kept playing. Even after seeing my first monster, I was only creeped out, not actually scared.

But then I got to the Archives, where there's very little light, and the invisible Kaernk chases after you. The last bit, where you have to outrun it by closing every door behind you, had me panicking and whimpering with fear.

Then, I got to the Guest Room, where a Servant Grunt appeared. I was horrified by its appearance, but I didn't think it would attack me! I freaked out when it started coming towards me. I hadn't read the manual and didn't know anything about hiding, so even though I went into the closet like the game told me, it kept killing me, until about the third time when the game got rid of it for me (I guess to make it easier).

Now I'm in the Storage Room, where I've had two or three Grunts chase me so far. The first time, I was playing with a friend watching. I heard the music that means a Grunt has spawned somewhere, but the Storage Room is oppressively dark, so I couldn't even see two feet in front of my face to find a door. I turned around AND THERE WAS THE GRUNT. I literally screamed out loud. And then it killed me.

Last time I played, I ran through several hallways and crouched down in a dark room to escape a Grunt. That's where I quit the game out of sheer terror. And now I'm scared to keep playing. Since then I've discovered from an Amnesia wiki that there's another kind of monster, called a Brute, which I haven't encountered yet, and which is FASTER THAN DANIEL AND CAN KILL IN ONE HIT. And that I'm close to getting to an even scarier part of the game.

I'm absolutely terrified to continue playing. I'm scared to get up out of the room Daniel's holed up in, in case the Grunt hasn't left. In case another one shows up. I'm scared to go through the Back Hall, where the Shadow will have left its mark now that I have all the rods. I'm scared to go back to the dark Machine Room and fix the elevator. I'm scared to take the elevator to the next part of the game, where more horrors will await me. I'm so freaking scared.

Eventually I'll muster up the courage to continue. But for now I can only congratulate Frictional Games on a job well done. People were always telling me how scary this game is, so I decided I had to get it. When I first started playing, I didn't see what all the fuss was about. Now I do and I'm one of the people making a fuss. At first, I thought I'd made a mistake in buying it. Not anymore!

The game recommends that you play Amnesia in a dark room, but for the sake of my own sanity I'm unable to do this unless I have a friend with me.

I'm sure I'll have loads more to say once I've finished the game. And I can't wait for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs!

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