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World's Greatest Temples Mahjong Icon
So many mahjong games
by Frigidman™, USA - Nov 18th 2012

I take a stab at all the mahjong games that come out, hoping someone did it right for once. This one comes pretty close. Its not got silly 3d obscurity which screw up clicking on tiles (or seeing them), and it actually is responsive to clicks. Many games its like pressing through a sponge to register half the clicks. It actually lets you click really fast (and rewards you with bonus or doing so!). The varied game types keeps the brain churning, and is kind of challenging (especially the poker rounds).

I did see a glitch, when I did an obvious "Straight Flush" and all it gave me was the "Flush" credit. Booo bad logic! (I'm sure they will fix that bug in time).

Overall, good game.

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Rochard Icon
Really well done
by Frigidman™, USA - Nov 17th 2012

This is a really great game in all aspects. It played a wee bit sluggish on a MacBookPro i7 ATI 6750M, but was playable enough at native resolution. The story was a hoot, and the action was fun. Lots of various different tools and abilities along with some interesting physics, made for an enjoyable experience.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the side scroller puzzler adventure type games. This was very well done.

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The 7th Guest Icon
Classic Game
by Frigidman™, USA - Sep 19th 2012

Lets be up front and honest here. This is an OLD game (that miraculously works on new hardware! yay!). However...

It was an incredible game for its day, and a lot of fun back then. Does it hold a candle to today's games? Well, it entirely depends on who you ask. Ask a veteran mac gamer, and you will get "of course", ask a new kid on the block and you will get "heck no".

The graphics are dated. The screenshots show exactly what you will see during play. The audio is still decent, as thats not really changed much over the years. Gameplay? Pretty fun, lots of spooky puzzles, and a story that drives it all. Games back then had to rely on gameplay, more than frilly graphics and gimmicks.

Its cheap, not expensive, but you need to know what you are getting into so you don't get your expectations too high. It is a fun game, but it is not updated to todays standards of full fluid motion graphics, depth and richness all generated real time. It's lacking some interface features, and other wizbangs that have come about since the mid 90s.

Anyhow, I think its a great game. But I'm an old fuddyduddy =p

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Return to Dark Castle Icon
A classic
by Frigidman™, USA - Sep 15th 2012

Brings back memories. Not sure if I care for it in color though! Still the fun romp that it originally was, and worth the few bucks to play it on modern hardware (sure beats booting up the ole MacPlus!).

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World of Goo Icon
Still one of my favorites
by Frigidman™, USA - Aug 6th 2012

Its been a long time since this came out, and I played it. However I do on occasion return to it to either enjoy a crazy level, or attempt to finish off another OCD round. Basically what I'm saying is, this is one of those rare games that I actually RETURN too multiple times over the years. Really fun, and if you don't have this in your library yet, why not?? =]

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Trine 2 Icon
Worth every penny, and more!
by Frigidman™, USA - Jul 30th 2012

I will sum up the below with "its awesome, buy it, it is worth it".

I had given a glowing review for Trine 1. And as how most sequels go, I figured Trine 2 would just be a rehash to ride on the glory of the first. Well I was wrong! Trine 2 is every bit of awesome, plus a lot more.

The graphics and animations really blow me away when I watch them. So much attention to detail while keeping a style and theme going, is incredible work by the creators. The world feels so fluid, and lifelike, not stale and rigid like so many AAA titles hash together.

Audio is wonderful, nice sounds, action, music. The voiceovers are 'eh', but it sets the mood well enough.

The most fun is the puzzling environments and physics integration with solving them. Using three different characters with different abilities, to get the job done (and find secrets along the way!).

All in all, great game. Not intensely difficult, but puzzling enough with varied action and elements.

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Glowfish Icon
Fun and Fluid
by Frigidman™, USA - Aug 24th 2011

At first thought, for those who have played Aquaria, is "this looks like aquaria!". Well, yes and no. Glowfish is a water like puzzle adventure game with good and bad things to meet and kill. It has soothing music, and circling water action, and its mostly driven by mouse direction and motions with the mouse (although you can use the keyboard eugh).

So, even though it has a general overall likeness to aquaria... Glowfish is a new game, and stands on its own with some new unique aspects. Both are great games, and you should own both!

This is a challenging enough game to keep adults entertained, and considering kids have better dexterity than us old farts these days, they won't have any problems with the puzzles and action either.

Great sound, fluid graphics (I run on a MacBook Pro intel), and smooth controls. A quality game for all ages!

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Trine Icon
Gem in the rough
by Frigidman™, USA - Jun 28th 2011

This side scroller action pseudo-rpg game was pretty amazing. Its a shame there isn't a demo to see for yourself before purchase. However I believe this indie title is worth it, its fun! Cool graphics, entertaining physics, and a decent story and action.

It may overall be on the short side (but short is better then long and stale rehash over and over right?). However it makes up for that in how its made and executed.

I have to admit though, I had this for my PC and played it there (yeah boooooo, macs are better!). However the Mac version is just as awesome, if not better because its cleaned up more and up to date!

Buy it! Its worth it!

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Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Icon
Gory hilarious awesomeness
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 22nd 2010

This is one of those truly awesome games that come along. I won't ramble on about this n that of what it has and does... because it all equates to the same thing: This Game Rocks.

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Borderlands: Add-On Content Icon
Worth the extra content
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 22nd 2010

The extra content for this game is worth it. Some of it is just huge with tons of extra hours of play time (per character!). Plus, who can't resist zombie blastin on an isolated island of a mad man???

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Borderlands Icon
Just hilarious awesomeness...
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 22nd 2010

This is one of those truly awesome games that come along. I won't ramble on about this n that of what it has and does... because it all equates to the same thing: This Game Rocks. A must have!

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Aquaria Icon
Surprisingly Incredible
by Frigidman™, USA - Sep 11th 2010

Sometimes a game comes along that really catches you off guard. I wasn't expecting this to be the caliber that it is. I was expecting something simple, and linear. This is far from simple and linear!

After just a few minutes into the game I found it stunning. It may have sprites and static imagery, but its done in a style and fluid movement system that makes it slick and awesome.

The world is massive, I'm barely near the end of what seems to be an endless world. I was half expecting a few areas, some bosses, and be done with it. However I just got into a new section, and now there are branches out everywhere, going to even larger and larger sections. It has these 'fast travel turtles', but I've only found one! So how big is this place?!

The music and sound are smooth and clean. Mesmerizing music that tends to change the further you go into different areas. Its not digitized crud that makes your ears bleed after two minutes. The sound effects are nice, and plentiful. Every different thing in the world has their own unique sounds.

Wanted to mention some other specifics for those interested to know:

- This game does NOT screw up everything else you are running when it changes resolutions! It is built right to handle resolution changes gracefully, which is a HUGE plus to me (cause I have countless apps and windows open all the time).

- The in-game interface is so-so. Klunky in the food and item interface where you have to keep 'paging' through things, instead of simply scroll. However it works for the most part, just a little clumsy. The actual controls of the character are done very well, with different methods for different types of people. The 'singing' pop-menu works wonderfully with the pace of the game too.

- My MacBook Pro is an older 2.4 ghz intel non-unibody model. Has the nvidia 8600M gpu. Runs the game perfectly fluid in widescreen with many other apps running in the background. Running smooth on a laptop makes this game great for trips or even on the side.

I highly recommend this game to all ages, and all types of people. I'm a hard core gamer at heart, but I absolutely enjoy this game.

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Bob Came in Pieces Icon
A sleeper thats a hit.
by Frigidman™, Canada - Mar 19th 2010

Once in awhile, a game slips in without much fanfare, however it deserves a lot. This is a fun treat of a game with fluid side scroller action and interesting physics puzzles to solve. You solve them with your 'ship', which you can configure/reconfigure with various bits and pieces. Pretty neat concept.

Graphics are wonderful, 3d with a style of cartoon. Splendid physics use. Audio is pretty good, however some of the more robust "BOOMS" from some objects, are clipped. Not too bad unless you have it blaring out of a nice speaker system.

Overall, this game is fun to play, makes you think about actions to take, and requires a little personal skill with maneuvering a ship around with multiple thrusters (all of which can be assigned to whatever key you want at that time!).

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Max & The Magic Marker Icon
Its amazing, the imagination.
by Frigidman™, USA - Feb 21st 2010

Sometimes, out of the blue a game comes along and it is simply fun, and awesome. This game has to go in with a small list of keepers for me.

The graphics are extremely well done, if you have the hardware to click on maximum (or even second best is still incredible). The fluidity of movement, the artistic sketch like drawings which are rendered, and even the little things like ambiance make the graphics a treat to see. The use of physics, with hand drawings, and action, was surprising actually. Good one, as your drawings have weight, and can be pushed around!

Audio is ok, has a silly pop n rock musical score in most places, much as you would think for a child's mind drawing silly things. Other sound effects are clear, clean, well done for the situations and moments. Certainly not thrown-together.

In fact, nothing about this game seems like it is thrown together. A lot of thought and planning went into making very unique.

I wont ramble on about everything, just wanted to make a mention that this game is pretty darn cute and certainly enjoyable!

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Prince of Persia Icon
Just short of pure awesome.
by Frigidman™, USA - Apr 4th 2009

At first, when I looked at this, I was confused by the title. I played the original Prince of Persia many years ago on and old old Mac. It was a blast then as well.

So, what was this? A digital download of the same game with revamped graphics maybe? NO! This is an entirely new game, based on the Prince of Persia and his exploits through the lands of, er, persia.

I looked at the screenshots, and immediately though this may be kind of lame. Well, I can honestly say, the screenshots do this absolutely no justice what so ever! You have got to see this 'in action' to truly understand how incredible the graphics are. They are not only fluid, but they are actually 3D, just flat and sketched like a drawing. Its hard to describe.

Action is fast, and fun. Various moves you can do, and acrobats. Its difficult at first, but you get used to it. Having a gamepad controller for this kind of game is beneficial over a mouse+keyboard combo.

This port to Mac OSX is also done very well. The game doesn't mess with my desktop, or other open apps/windows. It cleanly starts and quits. It runs heavy, the graphics requirements are bare minimum (8600), as this game truly does shine.

There isn't much else I can say without giving away spoilers and the like, so I will wrap this short review up here. For a digital download, 7gb (you will need 15gb total to get it installed though, 7 for the .dmg, and 8 for the installed file), and the price... this is a A+ quality game!

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FizzBall Icon
Amazingly Addictive and Fun
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 14th 2006

At first when I downloaded the demo and tried this, I had no great ambition it would be all that wonderful. Then, after the demo ended, I found myself wanting to play more!

This normally isn't the type of game I enjoy, but for some reason I found this incredibly fun and entertaining. The flow, the content, the expanse and length of it is just right.

Sounds are fun, and entertaning, especially for the younger kids in the house. Animal sounds, bings, bops, pops, and whatnot. Enough ear candy to keep you involved, with some nifty jamming music too!

The graphics aren't earth shattering, but they are fluid and smooth, with good detail as for what is happening. This runs extremely well on a 1.5ghz G4 laptop.

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RocketBowl Icon
Funtastic Alternative Bowling
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 14th 2006

This is a fun game. The first thing that came to my mind while playing the first arena was also "Bowling meets mini golf". The futuristic 60s snazzy setting is entertaining as well.

Graphics are basic 3D with very little fanfair and flash. For me, there is a frequent and random jerk in speed that has caused me to lose a few shots. Not sure what that was, could just be lack of gpu power on my part.

The repetitive music played during all rounds gets, well, repetitive. However its not in such bad taste to where it gets painful on the ears.

Sound effects are ok. A bit simplistic and lacking, however they get the job done.

Overall though, its a fun game, and gets insanely difficult by the 4th location and beyond. Enough challenge for players.

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Scrabble Classic Icon
Has Potential
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 14th 2006

I found this to be fun to play with a friend in the house. Unfortunately many things lacked.

The board is tiny in windowed mode (which is what a game like this is best played as so you can pay attention to emails and other activities). Needs to be larger, or the option to be larger.

After spending an hour jumping up and down out of the seat and averting eyes while the other player took their turn, I came to the conclusion that this game would SERIOUSLY benefit from network ability. Plus such ability with PC and Mac all on the same network, or over the internet.

The dictionary and other features were great for a scrabble game, making it easier to deal with (or not deal with) bogus words. However it had the option to turn that off so you could challenge your opponent's words. The hint system of course we always turn off, as that justs not fun.

Even though the game lacks some key things that could make it "Excellent", the game is a great diversion and fun to play.

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LEGO Star Wars Icon
Wonderfully fun and entertaining game!
by Frigidman™, USA - Sep 14th 2006

I was surprised when I played this game for the first time, thinking it would be a really silly or dumb game for an adult. However I was so pleasantly surprised by the result of it capturing my attention, and making me enjoy it like very few games do!

The game is fluid, graphically, and so well done, it feels like real Legos. The actions, the silly expressions, and the hilarious cut-scenes are a treat to see.

There is lots to do, and many different goals. Which I found welcoming. You can replay levels over, to get 'goodies' and hidden pieces to build kits with. Great fun!

The sound though was a slight let down, due to how wonderful the rest of the game is. Some sounds just are awful, and the 3D isn't as fully 3D as I like in games. Also, there isn't any EAX that I can discern. However these things don't ruin the game. The game more than makes up for it elsewhere in fun!

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