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Crazy Machines

NOT the same old thing! I love this game ...

I am an old player (52) of all sorts of games (computer, sports, board, you name it) and am always looking for something new, something that challenges in a unque way. So many games are old games in new clothes ...

This product is SO unque, some days I would not even call it a game but rather an education program; some days I think it is the best game ever.

Essentially, it is a set of puzzles that builds on each other, with no set solution beyond reaching a goal. A solution is provided, if you get stumped, but there is nearly always more than one way to reach the prize.

I bought this game for nieces (6 and 9), and I learned it first to get them started. They are also completely addicted. Shrieks of laughter and groans of delighted despair!

This is a fun forever game, completely replayable. The physics of the graphics is awesome. Thank you to the programmers!

by Patricia A Cousineau, USA - Dec 23rd 2006
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