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Can't wait for Torchlight 2 for the Mac
by Kenneth Kump, USA - Sep 15th 2013

I play torchlight over and over again. It is the best.

It is easy for all age groups including my age group (70+)

It runs on Mac OS 10.6+, OS10.7+ and OS10.8+ with no problems and no need for upgrades or patches.

Love it!

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Fantastic Game
by Kenneth Kump, USA - Jun 28th 2013

For those of us who do not have good eye/hand cordnation, this game is fantastic.

The only problem that I have with Ravensword2 is a system hang if I chose to quit without saving. The program (for the Mac) causes no problems with Power down/power up with this hang condition with Ravensword2.

For this old man (70+ yrs old) the easy setting is great.

I like the game because it allows the player to go where he wants and do what he wants to do. It allows a player to power up before going into the main quest and the additional quests are nice at powering up the character.

It is important to remember who the player meets during the game and where.

Eventually I shall work my way up to the more difficult levels.

thanks for a good game for all age groups and for all dexterity groups.

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For a Retired Old Mac Coot, it is fantastic
by Kenneth Kump, USA - May 13th 2009

Love the game. For once a good rpg type game that I, a 65 year old coot with poor eye and coordination can play successfully.

thanks for the game. Keep more like this coming for us old folks .

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