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Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition Icon
Bad port to mac
by Porthos40, USA - Nov 1st 2017

I ran this game on my Mac Pro (2010) 2.8GHZ 8gig, Radeon 7950, after 30 to 45 gameplay the game would crash. This game runs terrible and lags a lot when theirs a lot of undead mob in the area. This game badly ported over to mac, the company should be shame of porting this game. The graphics & sound is great. However that doesn't make up for the game crashing a lot on my Mac Pro.

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Mafia III Icon
Mafia 3 quit unexpectedly
by Porthos40, USA - Sep 18th 2017

When I click the desktop icon for mafia 3, Aspyr slash screen comes up with V1.0.0 next to play button. Once I click the botton in few sec game says Mafia 3 quit unexpectedly, click to reopen the game msg pop up —This game requires steam to run. make sure the steam app is running, you are logged into steam account that has this game in its library, then run the game again.

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Cities: Skylines Icon
A Wonderful Game
by Porthos40, USA - Sep 10th 2017

I love this game. The graphics are wonderful to look at, sound designer did a great job with atmosphere. This game ran like butter on my Mac Pro 2.8ghz Quad Core(2010) with Radeon 7950 3GB.I highly recommend this for a city builder.

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction Icon
Great Stealth Game
by Porthos40, USA - Nov 23rd 2014

This game runs great without any problems. Make sure you get the update to run the game on 10.9.5. One thing that bothered me was sam can't pick up and move bodies out of sight. He now just leave them in place, so the enemies can see them. The storyline was great to the game. I ran this on a Mac Pro 2.8, 4gigs Ram, Radeon 5770 and MacBook Pro 2.8 C2D 4gigs Geforce 9600GT (somewhat sluggish)

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut Icon
Fantastic Game
by Porthos40, USA - Nov 1st 2014

The Witcher works well with the graphics turn down. Ran the game on my MAC Pro 2.8ghz, 5gig of Ram. Radeon 5770, 10.10 without any problems.

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