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Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Icon
Good old C&C (III)
by casper boetes, Netherlands - Sep 4th 2014

The game is a bit dated, but still much fun to play. Whether u pick opponents/allies through the internet, a local network or either campaign or skirmish. A fun strategy game with adjustable difficulty settings, 3 geopolitical forces to pick from, each with their own strength and weakness.

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Dusty Revenge Icon
Entertaining 2D shooter
by casper boetes, Netherlands - Sep 4th 2014

Though it is in 2D (and cartoon-like), this is a great game with enough diversity to keep it exciting as you play. The bosses have a certain weakness you must learn to exploit, whilst you fight simpler enemies to get to them. An array of weaponry to choose from and several ways to use these weapons to smack, shoot and pulverize your enemies. The game is short though and if you play it diehard you will finish within 2 days. But there are achievements to collect, to lengthen the game's experience. It's more of a timefiller: fun, not very complicated (2D!) and frequent autosave.
Besides, if you like cartoons, rabbits and action; this is a no-brainer: You Must Buy!

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