Reviews by Celeste Christie

Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design

Great new features!

I've played all of the previous chocolatier games, but this is the best one yet! I love the re-design of the Chocolate Lab, because now you can make up whatever you want and sell it! I loved designing the chocolates' colors and shapes, it would be great if there were a few more designs to choose from. This was my favorite part of the game, and it would be fun if you could make up even more chocolates. As with the previous games, the more ingredients, ports, and quests, the more fun, and there's a lot of new things here to enjoy!

There are other improvements here that make the game easier to manage and more fun as well, especially the ability to take on multiple quests at a time and the quest window to manage them. The "telegraph" ability you get later in the game that allows you to change what a factory is producing from any port is also great, though I don't remember if that was in the last installment. I enjoyed filling special orders, and it helped to fill in parts where there were fewer quests to do. As always, the graphics were beautiful and made me crave chocolate.

Things that could be improved on:

The back story was a little weak, and sometimes there weren't many quests to do.

I missed being able to make your own sign. That was fun.

by Celeste Christie, USA - Mar 14th 2009
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Youda Farmer

Great graphics and fun play!

I was really blown away with the graphics on this game almost immediately! The farm and houses are really cute and detailed, and there's no slowing due to graphics loading. It's a different style than other farm time-management games I've played - you pick up farm items in your truck and then deliver them. Very simple game, but rewarding.

by Celeste Christie, USA - Feb 9th 2009
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Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble

A really interesting and diverting game!

I've never played a game like this before, and I play a lot of games! It's a really original concept, the gameplay is innovative and always fresh. I finished the game, but I'll still play it again to see if there are other ways to finish it. I love the vintage look, and the central themes (while adult, as the first reviewer mentioned) are empowering to girls and pretty complex and deep. The ending is convoluted and a bit preachy, but it doesn't detract from the experience. Overall, a multi-layered, complex game that is rewarding, fun, and addictive!

by Celeste Christie, USA - Oct 6th 2008
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Would be good with more things to do

I agree with the previous review - this game is really fun at first, but very easy to beat, and then there's not much to do. There should be more recipes, more ingredients, more ports. It would be really cool if you could design your own recipes. And if there were other kinds of chocolate, like chocolate bunnies or other seasonal products. A weird problem I noticed is when you're done collecting all the recipes, truffle powder totally disappeared and that makes certain parts of the game inaccessible. That said, the grapics are really cute and the little chocolate factory game is fun.

by Celeste Christie, USA - Aug 9th 2007
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