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The second and last Call of Duty
by kruemelkeksfan, Germany - Sep 6th 2015

Best CoD I played so far. Everything that was great in the whole franchise started out in this game. I saw barely any features in MW1 or Black Ops 1 and 2, which were not part of CoD 2. Health regen, endless enemies, AI-behaviour, level design. All those didn't change very much in the sequels. Only things they changed were stories, guns and graphics. Who wants to play the real, great and original CoD instead of a cheap remake needs to play CoD 2. The remakes are still good games, but don't offer new features or innovations.

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Give me more! More CPU!
by kruemelkeksfan, Germany - Sep 6th 2015

The game is another typical CoD: health regen and never-ending enemy spawns. Graphics are not much better than those of MW1 but damn, this game needs some monster-machines. I have to put the settings on minimum to keep it playable, while MW1 runs without problems on medium settings (therefore looks better).
A little gameplay-change is the heavily reduced recoil. Weapons now shake a bit, like if the devs wanted to say: "Look, it shakes. We sure thought about recoil and and we love recoil-GFX, but it shouldn't really impact gameplay." I got no problem with this, it just changes the feeling of the game a bit from "spray'n'pray" to "spray'n'hit-everything-instantly".

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Many, many hours of fun
by kruemelkeksfan, Germany - Sep 6th 2015

I loved the game. Classic wave survival with mutants and lots of guns. Maybe not the finest graphics, but that didn't matter to me. Met some awesome people online. I will soon buy the sequel.

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Gutes CoD
by kruemelkeksfan, Germany - Oct 3rd 2013

Als ich das Spiel das erste mal gestartet habe, war ich ziemlich skeptisch. Natürlich hat CoD seine Schwächen, stupides Gegner abknallen, ohne taktische Tiefe, schnurgerade Schlauchlevels und wenig eigene Entscheidungen. Auf der anderen Seite ist die Grafik hervorragend und die Story packend. Ich habe die Kampagne schnell durchgehabt, das macht aber nichts, weil man gerne auch mal ein paar Missionen wiederholt. Der Arcade-Modus sorgt dann noch einmal für einen Motivationsschub. Leider glänzt Modern Warfare 1 ni9cht gerade mit riesiger Waffenauswahl, die Entwickler haben sich scheinbar aufs Wesentliche beschränkt. Da sieht es bei Black Ops wesentlich besser aus.

When I started the game the first time, I was pretty skeptical. Of course CoD shoot has its weaknesses, stupid enemies without tactical depth, straight tube levels and little own decisions. On the other hand, the graphics are excellent and the story gripping. I have been through the campaign quickly, but that does not matter because you also like to repeat a few times missions. The arcade mode ensures then again for a motivation boost. Unfortunately shines Modern Warfare 1 not just with a huge selection of weapons, the developers have apparently restricted to the essentials. Since it looks much better in Black Ops.

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