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Reviews by Dufresne

Burger Shop

Time-management game for all ages.

This is a fun time-management game with four play levels that will keep you amused for many hours. Having 96 trophies to collect, I find myself going back and trying to complete all of them. The tutorial instructions are easy to follow. I was making fries and serving up burgers in no time at all. This game is fun for all ages, from grandparents to grandkids.

by Dufresne, Canada - Sep 29th 2015
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Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star

First Rate Match-Up Game

With over 150 boards to solve, this game has kept me busy for many hours already. With my attempting to get gold medal times for each board, I may never finish. This game requires a quick eye to see the best triad to remove plus a lot of luck, especially at the bottom of some of those single columns. The artifacts are a necessity to have if one is to solve all levels. The difficulty ramps up as one moves along the path. I must admit I find the story line irrelevant to the game play and I skip through the dialogue every time. I just want to get to the action.

by Dufresne, Canada - Sep 25th 2015
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Hidden Expedition: Everest

Classic HOG

Hidden Expedition: Everest is a classic HOG in that it is purely a hidden object game. There are no mini-games to solve. Even the bonus rounds, which are normally various puzzles and such, are totally hidden objects. The story line places you in a suspenseful race against three other teams. It takes you to locales all around the world. The race comprises how fast you find all the items in each locale. Hints in each window are based on how many of the hidden jewels you can find there. As another incentive to play and replay the game, there are 18 unknown items to be found. If you are lucky enough to click on one, you are taken to the bonus window where you can see how many more of these you need to find (the silhouette picture gives you the necessary hint for what to look for). There are no penalties associated with excessive clicking around. I have replayed this game often and I like to show it to beginning players. It is demanding enough for any level of play but also easy enough for all ages. I consider it to be the ideal introduction to HOG.

by Dufresne, Canada - Sep 10th 2015
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