Reviews by Dufresne

Twisted Lands 2: Insomniac

Puzzles Galore

Insomniac has some hidden object windows but a lot more puzzles to solve. There is a lot of runining back and forth to find the items needed for the puzzles. It has given us many hours of play.

by Dufresne, Canada - Feb 12th 2022

Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret

Hours of Fun

The Mirror's Secret is full of well hidden objects that take a careful eye to find. The mini games are simple and straightforward enough to offer some challenge to solve. It will provide hours of fun finding all of the numerous mirror pieces.

by Dufresne, Canada - Jan 25th 2022

The Treasures of Mystery Island 2: The Gates of Fate

Challenging Hidden Object Game

The Gates of Fate has excellent graphics and is able to cleverly hide the many hidden objects to be found. The mini-games are reasonable difficult and fun to play.

by Dufresne, Canada - Nov 12th 2021

Holly 2: Magic Land

Pure Hidden Object

Magic Land is a fun hidden obeject game. There is no running around from place to place trying to to find the next clue. It is simply one hidden object screen after another and there are a lot of these. The objects are sometimes almost impossible to find but the game offers hints to get you through. We enjoyed playing this game a lot.

by Dufresne, Canada - Oct 6th 2021

Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season

Fun on the Farm

Quite enjoyable time management game. Suitable for younger players as well as older. Lots of awards and achievements to go after.

by Dufresne, Canada - Feb 7th 2020

Unexpected Journey

Variety of Hidden Object Windows

Unexpected Journey has a lot of varied hidden object scenes. This variety gives it more of an original feel from other HOG. I especially liked trying to find the star constellations.

by Dufresne, Canada - Apr 17th 2019

Spaced Out

Simple time waster

Spaced out is a very simple Hidden Object Game where the listed items float by you amid a myriad of other items. There are no mini-games or other adventures to solve. After you complete a set of five screens, you can repeat the process.

by Dufresne, Canada - Apr 16th 2019

Rescue Team 4

Fun to play

Rescue Team 4 is a straightforward time management game where you must accomplish a list of tasks in the time allowed. These tasks are similar to all other games of this type. You must rescue people by destroying piles of rocks and such as well as build or rebuild bridges and buildings. You will have hours of fun trying to beat the fairly reasonable time limits.

by Dufresne, Canada - Apr 16th 2019

Sunken Treasures

Time waster

Sunken Treasures is a very simple Hidden Object Game, with an underwater background, where the listed items float by you amid a myriad of other items. There are no mini-games or other adventures to solve. After you complete a set of five screens, you can repeat the process.

by Dufresne, Canada - Apr 16th 2019

Meridian'93 Hidden Objects 5 in 1 Bundle

Five for One

I always like to buy bundles of HOG. In this case, I got five good games for the price of one. Each has their good and not so good points, but overall, they provided hours of fun entertainment.

by Dufresne, Canada - Apr 4th 2019

Hidden World of Art

Art Work in the Background

This Hidden Object Game uses famous paintings as the background window. As the items are removed, the art work eventually resembles the original. Besides regular HOG, the individual screens have silhouettes, pairs and pick out the differences as their goal. With the money earned through the playing each window, you can become an interior decorator and furnish a room with various items. The only drawback to the game is that each screen has to be loaded in every time. We have to wait around for the screen to load.

by Dufresne, Canada - Jan 31st 2019

Plants vs. Zombies Game Of The Year Edition

Fun Tower Defense Game

This is a comical tower defense game where you need to defend your home from zombies by planting plants to stop them. There are a variety of plants which will help you to defeat the zombies. There is actually a lot of strategy involved in the gameplay as you cannot aim your plants and you are limited as to which ones to use for each level. There is a bit of tension involved with each last wave of zombies. You hope you have picked the right plants to defend your turf.

by Dufresne, Canada - Jan 8th 2019

Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster

Fun for all

This HOG has it all. There is a good (scary) storyline. As well as numerous objects to pick up on the way, you will have to solve interesting puzzles. Additionally, there are a lot of extras to pick up and trophies to achieve.

by Dufresne, Canada - Jan 3rd 2019

The Book of Desires

Test your ability

Lots of challenging mini-games with many Hidden Object pages.

by Dufresne, Canada - Dec 3rd 2018

Teddy Floppy Ear: Kayaking

Perfect for Young Players

This is an excellent game for the very young player just learning how to play games on the computer. The story line is quite amusing and the cartoon graphics wil keep them entertained and occupied.

by Dufresne, Canada - Aug 6th 2018

Teddy Floppy Ear: The Race

Fun for Everyone

This Race game is suitable for all ages. It is challenging enough and provides a lot of variety in terms of the courses and the cars.

by Dufresne, Canada - Jul 19th 2018

A Plot Story

A different HOG

We have played many Hidden Object Games over the years, but we have not found one as complex as A Plot Story. Rather than having just a list of items to find, this game presents a pile of items of which there is either two or three of each. Many are hidden iunder others and are not easy to see. This makes the game hard enough to start with, but then it adds in the suspense of a clock. Things get very tense as the time starts to run out. Great edge of your seat fun.

by Dufresne, Canada - Jul 12th 2018


Realistic sounds

This game plays just like the board game with the added bonus of graphics and sounds. There is also the ability to fire salvoes to speed up the game play. Lots of fun.

by Dufresne, Canada - Mar 29th 2018


Just like the board game

Plays just like the board game. The game play is much quicker as the computer automates all the action. Battles are quickly decided as the dice throws are internally controlled. My only regret with playing Risk on the computer is the lack of seeing the dice thorw. I miss the thrill of each throw.

by Dufresne, Canada - Mar 23rd 2018


Great digital version

If you like to play Scrabble, then you can't go wrong with this version of the game. It has all the game play of the real board game with the added bonus of a dictionary that will check the validity of a word for you. There is a cheat button that provides the best possible word for the seven tiles in front of you. Play against yourself, the computer or up to four live opponents.

by Dufresne, Canada - Mar 2nd 2018

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