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Installation FAILED
by Virtuous70, USA - May 22nd 2011

I bought the DLC Pack over 3 weeks ago and Ubisoft has stopped responding to my request for help. Every attempt to install the DLC Pack results in an "Installation Failed" error. The files have been installed int he proper locations, but since the installer fails, I never get to enter my activation code so the game doesn't recognize the new content.

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by Virtuous70, USA - Apr 11th 2011

The initial download was expectedly long, but installation was smooth. I even upgraded my video card and OS just so I could play this game. Had a couple early issues, (would only launch on the second attempt since I moved the original installation and the pref file got confused, so I trashed that file), native monitor resolution wasn't available, so I edited the .ini file, and finally white graphical artifacts caused by some conflict with my nVidia 8800GT which I fixed by turning off one of the advanced video settings.)

Otherwise, the game runs very well on my 2GHz Mac Pro. The graphics are incredible, gameplay is very engaging and fun. I'm not a big multiplayer, but I paid the extra $$ for the deluxe version and still feel like the game is totally worth the $30 I spent.
I'm excited to play it through again with the different modes.

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