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Pure Hidden

Very Different

As hidden object games go, this one is unique to say the least. I agree with K. Baillie. (Kricket?) Graphics and sound are artistic and ever-changing. Nothing boring here. The h/o part is very challenging as are the interim puzzles. Lots of levels and gameplay. Worth the price for sure.

One thing though. They might want to "up" the system requirements. I have a dual 1.25 GHz G4 running OS 10.4.11 and this game action is definitely sluggish. But still fun. Go for it!

by Tom Lewis, Canada - Sep 11th 2009

Jewel Quest III

Disappointing is a compliment

I was expecting some complex gameplay, but there is none in this drab and repetitive scenario. The very least that the developers should have been careful with, was to make the tiles different enough to differentiate between them. Is that too much to ask? Late night players will be squinting and asking themselves "Is that a face, or a mask?"

As well, no rewards or points for anything. Match five ... that's nice ... we don't care ... no points, no soup for you! No power tiles to earn, nothing but the monotonous ordeal of trying to shift a destructo-melto tile into position. Lame. And the trumpet in the background ... oy!

There are far more compelling match-three games at Mac Game Store than this. I'm not even an avid gamer, but I'd take Deep Blue Sea over this any day.

Try again Jewel-Quest. This time make it fun.

by Tom Lewis, Canada - Feb 14th 2009

Escape The Museum

Very Challenging

I liked a lot about this game, especially the combination of hidden objects and escape challenges. This is not for first-timers of hidden objects, though. These objects are obscured by other objects, but one tip is that your cursor will "pulsate" if you hover over the object for more than a second. The voice-overs and script were a bit gaggy but still a break from the action. My first escape took thirteen hours total, but it was great fun.

by Tom Lewis, Canada - Feb 9th 2009

Deep Blue Sea

Top Notch Game

This is the best match 3+ game I've ever played. Graphics are great, thank goodness the sound effects are pleasant, and the music is up-tempo and motivating. I like how you have to earn your power-ups, and you can buy tanks of air, or anything else.

It won't take long before you get to understand strategic play, like making matches that power up the device you need to move your treasures.

This game keeps you on your toes, makes you think on the run, and is thoroughly friendly, exciting and enjoyable.

I recommend it for all ages.

by Tom Lewis, Canada - Feb 9th 2009



If you have played Bookworm Deluxe for hundreds of hours like I have, this might seem like a refreshing alternative. And to some extent it is, with different scoring and triple word scores for a few seconds after completing a level. But tile selection is very buggy, you can lose selections or it will score prematurely. And the dictionary is the pits! In the hour that I played, it rejected some twenty legitimate words.

Bottom line, too mouse-buggy and bad dictionary

by Tom Lewis, Canada - Nov 10th 2008

Travelogue 360 Paris

Like Being in Paris

If you like the "find things" games, then this is a must. It gives the real flavor of Paris and the French countryside, and starts with authentic photography. The 360 degree movement is excellent, and zooming is helpful.

There are many environments to play in, and by the time you have picked up your "souvenirs" you feel you know the area well. The jigsaws, while very simple, are clever with their puzzle shapes, and every level of completion gives you a tidbit of French history.

The music, although a bit repetitive, is still non-intrusive, and adds another French seasoning to to this remarkable tour of France. Added sound effects over the music tends to make you feel as if you're really there, in 22 different places, and the sound looping is long enough not to drive you crazy.

I really liked this game. If you like "find it" games and virtual reality, then Travelogue 360 Paris will not disappoint you.

Tom Lewis, Canada - June 1, 2008

by Tom Lewis, Canada - Jun 1st 2008

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