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Reviews by Yvette Masullo

The Guest

Cant control it

Like the previous reviewer, I too cannot control movement. I tried buying a steam controller but I guess it doesn't work with this game, or if it does, I can't figure it out. I so wanted to play this game because I really dislike shooters and games where you have to buy and trade but this has made my every attempt impossible. I give this two stars because I suppose the game is good IF you can actually get into playing it.

by Yvette Masullo, USA - Mar 7th 2018
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The 39 Steps

Linear and somewhat dull

I purchased this because I'm not very quick thinking when it comes to games where you must shoot, jump, and so on. However, this game was pretty dull and linear. You make absolutely no decisions so it is really just good for passing the time.

by Yvette Masullo, USA - Feb 26th 2018
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