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Reviews by Andras Csibi

Q.U.B.E. Icon
Fine in its own right, terrible compared to Portal
by Andras Csibi, Hungary - Jan 19th 2013

It's hard not to compare Q.U.B.E. with the Portal series. You wake up in a sterile environment and have to solve 3d movement puzzles to get out.

After Portal 2 this game was terribly disappointing, but in its own right, it's OK I guess. The puzzles are OK, but they are not very original. Most puzzles are just 2d puzzles similar to Sokoban or Atomix. There weren't many puzzles that challenged your 3d problem solving like Portal did.

And the puzzles involving magnetism are so extremely annoying! You figure out what you are supposed to do, but still can't solve the puzzle because it all comes down to pushing buttons with extremely precise timing.
Basically it doesn't even have a storyline so you are not motivated to complete an annoying puzzle other than to see what the next annoying puzzle is (in the Portal games you gladly solve ANY puzzle because you really want to destroy GLaDOS:)

However, this game is not expensive and I kind of enjoyed the few hours of play time I got from it. Just don't compare it to Portal:) The game runs fine without any crashes on my 2012 MBA.

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Braid Icon
Smart and beautiful
by Andras Csibi, Hungary - Jan 19th 2013

Very unique gameplay mechanics! Thinking about the various forms of time manipulation really challenges your notion of time and space. The implementation, the visuals, the music, the story is also amazing. You hear people say that "Braid is art", and it's hard to argue with them.

The play time is not that long, but the puzzles are all unique, there are no fillers or repetitions. The price is also great for the value.
It's a game that everybody should play once in a lifetime.

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Sid Meier's Railroads! Icon
I was expecting something more challenging
by Andras Csibi, Hungary - Jan 19th 2013

It's fun to play with for a couple of days, to watch your empire grow and the money flow, but it not really challenging and get's repetitive after a while.

Also, I find it too expensive. I'm okay with buying a game for 10$ that I can enjoy for a few days, but I expected to be busy with this piece for weeks.

Game runs fine on my 2012 MBA, no crashes.

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