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Time Killer
by Marta Conlon, USA - Mar 3rd 2008

Azkend is an uncomplicated but fun game to play. The game play is not all that challenging but I still found it enjoyable. The music with the game is quite lovely and not annoying as some games I have played. I am not sure it is worth the $20 price tag but I am glad I have it on my computer to play when I am bored. The levels are pretty similar and the only challenge is that you get less time as the game goes on to complete each level. The power-ups are average in the game; some are effective in the game some not so much. The storyline of the game could be much more interesting as the ending leaves you 2 choices how to end the game, but after playing twice you realize it ends the same way regardless of what you choose.
Overall, I liked the game though it is not challenging but sometimes you just want something to play and not compete against.

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