Reviews by Blake Jenkins

The Saint: Abyss of Despair Icon
Too Easy
by Blake Jenkins, USA - Jun 25th 2013

The story was.. decent, but forgettable. Graphics/gameplay was ok. But overall, the game was way too easy. Super straightforward. No challenge whatsoever. Can be beat in only a few hours.

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The Night of the Rabbit Icon
True Adventure
by Blake Jenkins, USA - Jun 20th 2013

This is what adventure games need to be. Yes, at first it will come off childish, and I wanted to quit because of it, but stick with it. Because it gets pretty deep. Yes you will most likely need to utilize an online guide at times, and if you are interested in achievements then I highly suggest you do so upfront so you know what to look for because some items won't be available later to complete your achievements. Other than that, truly an awesome game that provided lots and lots of playing time. Visually and mentally stimulating. Just get it.

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