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Brain Boosters
by Eric Bulmer, USA - May 26th 2007

Choppy graphics, and instead of reading the questions, the "professor" just jiggles around while his speech appears in comic style bubbles as text. The interface was non-intuitive, allowing control of a large piece of chalk on a chalkboard, when the missing letters actually had to be typed via keyboard. All this game boosted was my boredom, and I wouldn't inflict it on kids.

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As Relaxing as the Real Thing
by Eric Bulmer, USA - May 26th 2007

As actual "brick and mortar" fish tank folks, we love Fish Tycoon. The Realtime aspect is great. You don't so much "play" this game as set it up and check in occasionally. Variable gamespeed insures that you won't kill off your fish, and the quest for the 7 magic species keep the intrigue going. That said, the inventory system needs tweaking-if you've already some ich medicine in your inventory, you can't buy fungus medicine without its displacing the ich medicine you already own, and vice versa-that's odd-why can't you stock both medicines at once? This sim is great for kids, and for adults who don't want to (or don't have the time to) deal with the minutia of more complicated fish sim games.

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