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The Raven Remastered Deluxe

Good game in refined form

The game itself is quite good, with attracting story line. The only thing is this one is not for steam user, so currently you still cannot own another copy on steam.

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - Apr 5th 2018
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Heroes of Might & Magic V

A Solid one, but not the full version

The game is good one and give you a lot of different experiences if you love the previous classic series. However, this one does not have the expansions for Mac OS.

Also, the system requirement seems a bit misleading.

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - Nov 23rd 2017
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Sid Meier's Civilization V: The Complete Edition

Tablet Compatible CIV game

The first hexagon civilisation game, quite a lot DLCs, but it's nice to buy the complete version.

Personally I prefer CIV4 and I would give 4.5/5 for the game only, but CIV5 has nice compatibility running on tablets. This is a really nice feature which I like a lot.

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - Jul 7th 2017
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A small art piece!

A very beautiful and educational indie game with a good idea. That is a fantasitic way to demonstrate the history.

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - May 26th 2016
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Mount & Blade: Warband

The best one of all M&B games!

I am a M&B fan and this is my favourite game of all the series.

The game itself is really attractive because of its sand-box feature and everything in the game is highly personalised. There are plenty of ways to write your own story, develop your heros and build up the relationship with the characters in the virtue medieval world. If you like history, you can also find a lot of elements related with some major civilisations in the Middle Ages.

The MODs of this game is another great feature, you can find many interesting MODs of this game with various historic periods.

Another good thing is, even your computer is not out-of-date, you can probably still enjoy the game. The minimum requirement of your hardware is not high, but if you own a powerful computer you can then enjoy the fantastic graphics.

If you are considering other games like Chivalry, I think M&B would be much better with its game depth. After all M&B is not only a medeival war simulator and melee combat is just a small part of the game.

The final suggestion is, actually this game, along with its DLCs, is quite popular and it is on sale very often. It is possible to cost you less than £5/$8 to get this game, just pay attention to the on sale news!

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - May 26th 2016
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Victory At Sea

A good naval game

This game is very attractive for me since I am interested in navy ships hobby models, especially the ships in the two world wars. At the same time, we cannot find many good naval battle choices on PC/MAC.

The Pros:

- A real-time naval battle game, but you can stop at any time to make adjustments (Turn-based-like mechanism);
- You can cammand a whole fleet to fight the enemies, control the course and the weapons of each ship;
- A lot of freedom in the game, you can capture enemie's harbours, be a convoy commander, or make a decisive battle on the open sea...... choose you own strategy in the world map;
- Realistic data and model of the warships with many different classes;
- Deployment before battle is interesting, especially you get submarines in your fleet;
- 2D Overlook mode and 3D mode;
- You can also control the famous ships from the two France and Italy except GB, USA, Germany and Japan;
- You can capture enemy's warship after a battle;
- Good damage design in the battle;

The Cons:

- A bit repetitive in campaign mode;
- Very time-consuming in the late stage of the game, since you need to take charge of a big fleet with many different functional warships, you have to pause the battle very often to make small changes and still easy to miss many details in the battle. So the game can be finally veeeeeeery complicated;
- Graphic is okay but not charming, especially for the ships;
- The battlefield is too simple, only open sea: no reefs, no islands, no coasts, no navy bases, even no weather change;
- The sunlight is good but doesn't make any sense for your firing tactics;

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - May 26th 2016
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Torchlight II

You will enjoy this if you are a Diablo/Diablo II fan

With its close relationship to Blizzard North, the developer group who created Diablo and Diablo II, you can find the game machenism, some key in-game items and even some game sounds are familiar if you are a Diablo/Diablo II fan.

Compared with Torchlight I, you can now enjoy the multiplayer mode with your friends and other players online. The game is also has many MODs which are available from Steam workshop, this is an important advantage to Diablo III.

Unlike Diablo III's revolutionary levelling system, if you prefer the more 'traditional' ARPG and also like trying some interesting game MODs, Torchlight II will be a wonderful choice.

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - May 26th 2016
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Kerbal Space Program

A perfect geek game!

Recommended by some aeronautic guys. Massive freedom to create, lovely cartoon figures, and never get bored. The game is especially for the gamers who love science.

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - May 21st 2016
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Crusader Kings Complete

A classical one

It is a classical game and also quite simple one compared to other paradox's game, which means you don't need much time to get started.

However, it always quit unexpectedly during the game, I don't know why...... =(

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - Jun 16th 2014
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Battle Fleet

A quite simple one

The turned based naval game has some good design (Weapon choosing, Fleet management, dist or angle assistance, air-strike , tactic cards etc.)

however, it is quite simple and just looks like a demo, you can only control a 'huge' fleet with at maximum 3 ships. Also, it is quite unrealistic because you can even put the heavy guns on destroyers & light cruisers, and there is no submarines in the game, which is a bit disappointing.

And I also found a bug, if you continue a previous saved battle, where you used distance-assistance, the game will be automatically set to angle-assist mode, quite annoying...(I prefer distance assistance)

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - Jun 16th 2014
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Call of Duty 2

Classical game

The first time I played since it was released almost ten years ago. The graphics were good and I prefered the WWII background.

Some missions were challengeable even if you played under the easy mode.

However, compared with COD & its expansion, the missions in COD II were more drab. Also, the chapter of each characher seemed so short in COD II.

Another fact is, there is not so many active servers now if you want to enjoy multiplayer mode.

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - Dec 21st 2013
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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Good quality, low requirement!

A really good game! Smoothly running on my old MB, the graphics are still top-class today.

Multi-mode is quite interesting, but hard for the newcomers like me....

I bought it while the special price, nice game and nice price, perfect!

by Yeves Hummels, United Kingdom - Dec 16th 2013
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