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by Susan E Simon, USA - Oct 31st 2013

I really like the hawk and the animations especially at the beginning before the zoo starts littering up the previously beautiful screen. It's like Gardenscapes-it's a pleasure to just watch. But the zoo that you build bit by bit (that promises to be enticingly fun to create, like Gardenscapes, isn't because in fact the picture gets uglier and uglier as you proceed. It just doesn't come together to make something that becomes increasingly pretty. Might as well have a game where you build a parking over a meadow. It would be as engaging a task as this is. Also you put five zoo animals into it and the worst thing is that at regular intervals the screen lights up with exclamation points and the animals have to be fed. You have to do this in order to remove the exclamation points. (If you opt to ignore them, they destroy the view of the zoo which is at least in theory the best thing about the game.) The tasks involved in feeding the animals are unchanging and completely uninteresting and you have to do them again and again. Also they are redundant. You have to click on the scythe for example to cut the grass. Then you have to click on the grass to move it inventory. Then you have click on it again to move it to the feeding trough. Again and again and again. It's so annoying. However, I'm giving this three stars because of the beginning artwork and because the hidden object variation in it is genuinely good.

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