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Not Playable?
by LMDLMD, USA - Mar 15th 2018

I downloaded it and installed it. Ran it. Couldn't figure out how to play it. No pop ups explaining what to do. Icons weren't obvious. Tasks weren't obvious. Seriously, people, it's supposed to be a casual game. You need to make it casual.

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Good Game, But Uses Too Much CPU
by LMDLMD, USA - Dec 30th 2013

The game is overall a good game, and improves nicely on earlier Farm Frenzy game in some areas.

It uses so much CPU, though, that it's sometimes unplayable. I mean like all my CPU. It often runs slow and is jagged and I have to shut down everything else to even get it to do that. My computer does indeed (and exceed) meet the minimum requirements.

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