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Tomb Raider Icon
by Wumpus, USA - Jan 31st 2014

You don't need to be a Tomb Raider fan to enjoy this perfect action adventure game. Lara's journey from naïve explorer to hardened survivalist should not be missed. It may be expensive, but it is one of the best games you will play this year. Get it!

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Tomb Raider DLC Collection Icon
Not bad DLC
by Wumpus, USA - Jan 31st 2014

If you love Tomb Raider, then this is worth picking up. The new challenge tomb is near the beginning and nets you a lot of salvage and XP. Just be sure to revisit it later when you have the grenade launcher upgrade. I forgot about that until after I finished the game.

Lara's outfits are fun. I spent most of the game in the Aviatrix outfit, but your mileage may vary. Her default look is really good as well.

The upgrades they give you are a little more sketchy. Lara's skills are in a tiered system, so this just lets you buy/unlock them early with XP instead of later. Convenient, but not necessary. Probably the best one is the Agility skill as it lets you climb faster and fall farther without dying. Handy to get around.

The multiplayer is actually decently fun. And this is probably where the DLC shines most. The weapons are really good and you don't have to grind 30-50 levels to get them like everything else. The multi characters are just skins, but I enjoy the executioner.

The new multiplayer maps are also really good. The problem with releasing DLC maps is then splitting the community between those who have them, and those who don't. Still if you have some friends or a group going, they are great places to fight.

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XCOM: Enemy Within Icon
Must get for any XCOM Fans
by Wumpus, USA - Dec 9th 2013

XCOM: Enemy Within is an *amazing* expansion pack. Cranks up the addictiveness by several notches. New units, new tech, weapons, enemies, and best of all, highly varied maps/environments as well as unique side missions. Must get for any XCOM fans.

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Spec Ops: The Line Icon
Solid 3rd person shooter that is not your usual fare
by Wumpus, USA - Nov 7th 2013

This just got released today courtesy of Digital Tribe Games. Good graphics, great performance, an interesting story and pretty fun gunplay make for a compelling recommendation. Check it out!

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Borderlands 2: Psycho Pack Icon
Not the best character
by Wumpus, USA - Oct 23rd 2013

I was excited to get the psycho pack because I was a big fan of Brick from Borderalands 1. Sadly the psycho is hard to use and you will get downed very often. Annoying when playing coop. His action skill is decent, but not as fun as the other characters. Not a bad class, but if you're going for DLC Characters, stick to the Mechromancer. Way better.

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction Icon
Great single player and coop game.
by Wumpus, USA - Oct 23rd 2013

Whether or not you truly enjoy Splinter Cell: Conviction depends on your expectations. If you want the same tried and true Splinter Cell formula, you will find a number of changes to that here. As many seem to be doing these days, it's more "accessible." It's a different kind of Splinter Cell and a different kind of Sam Fisher. I consider myself a fan of the series and I thoroughly enjoyed all that Conviction had to offer. While the game takes some hits for occasionally clunky AI, and a few stumbles in the single and multiplayer modes, it has a lot to offer. A stylish and engaging story, solid action and great audio combine for a satisfying package. Sam Fisher's latest adventure in search of questions and justice is one I would recommend you do not miss.

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Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Icon
by Wumpus, USA - Oct 23rd 2013

Tiny TIna's Assault on Dragon Keep is easily the best DLC Gearbox has ever released. Filly with fantastic environments and enemies, and the most amusing of quests. One has you forcing 3 "player" characters to ragequit by killing them and teabagging the corpses. Another quest has you attempting to pickup a gun, but you keep failing the roll to pick it up. Hilarious for gamers and D&D fans alike. Being stuck in Tiny Tina's imagination is so fun I wish they'd make a whole game out of it.

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Borderlands 2: Season Pass Icon
Want more Borderlands 2?
by Wumpus, USA - Oct 23rd 2013

If you're looking for more BL2 at a great price, look no further. The DLC packs are all fun and varied, each one offering something completely different. They often surpass the main narrative in terms of humor and writing. Well worth the pickup, in addition to the extra characters and the level pack which gets you to 61. If you're a fan, get it!

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The Wolf Among Us Icon
A fantastic new adventure from Telltale Games.
by Wumpus, USA - Oct 23rd 2013

Telltale has once again worked their magic to transport you to a compelling universe with a convincing atmosphere in The Wolf Among Us. Riveting storytelling and a mature twist on familiar characters make for excellent gameplay. Don't miss the start of this dark and thrilling modern day fable.

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Max Payne 3 Icon
Runs great - may have launch problems
by Wumpus, USA - Jun 21st 2013

Great Game for any 3rd person shooter fans, or longtime Max Payne fans like myself. (1999 baby.) It runs well on my mid 2010 iMac, very well in fact.

Including some video links for ease of reference:

If you have launch problems, freezing, or want info on performance and multiplayer check out this video:

And for gameplay:

Watch 10 minutes of awesome Max Payne 3 gameplay footage I recorded for MGHQ:

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The Showdown Effect Deluxe Edition Icon
Zany Multiplayer Action
by Wumpus, USA - Mar 6th 2013

The showdown effect takes cliched action heroes and effects and mashes them together into a fast-paced and challenging multiplayer experience. Its hard to learn, but definitely an entertaining blend of visuals, sounds and gameplay. Since it supports up to 8 player matches, its a great game to play with friends. Check it out!

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Borderlands 2 Icon
Awesome Sequel
by Wumpus, USA - Nov 21st 2012

You don't have to be a fan of Borderlands to enjoy Borderlands 2, but you will be more familiar with the NPC's and get some cosmetic bonuses if you import your saves.

But how is the game? It is AWESOME. In solo or coop the game is riotous fun, and a big improvement over the first game, which was already great. The weapons are better, enemies are more varied, AI smarter, locations and levels better designed, and visually its top notch. The game signature humor remains in place, and you will be frequently chuckling or laughing out loud.

The best? Its STEAMPLAY. Means you get access to all the PC players as in Multiplayer, so there's no shortage of people to play with. The only small caveat is that when the PC version gets updated there's a short sync delay as Aspyr has to patch the Mac version as well. So during that time you will be only able to play with Mac players or by yourself.

Overall a game you do NOT want to miss. Better than BL1 in every way and an amazing time with your friends. The base game offers huge amounts of content, and all the DLC (expansion packs) offer a lot more. Don't miss out!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Content Pack Icon
Good maps
by Wumpus, USA - Sep 26th 2012

A little on the pricey side, but these extra 5 maps are a lot of fun. If you're a fan of the zombies mode, then this DLC is for you.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Icon
Awesome game, works great even on low-end hardware.
by Wumpus, USA - Sep 21st 2012

If you don't meet the minimum system requirements, fear not! This game runs great even on my under-spec MBA. It ran very smoothly on the auto-detect settings, which was 1024x768 resolution and medium settings. The machine itself is "unsupported" in the processor, video card department and OS version. It wants 10.7.4.

MBA Specs: 13" Mid 2011. 1.7 GHz Core i5. 4GB RAM. Intel HD 3000 (384mb) Lion 10.7.3.

I played through the first mission smoothly..I may even try turning up a few things.

On my main machine, a 27" iMac, Core i5 Quad 2.8Ghz, 8GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD5750 1GB it runs perfect at High settings. So most anyone should be fine running this if you have something similar to one of the two machines above.


Intense and engaging campaign
Exciting and varied multiplayer
Zombies mode is silly fun
Combat Training lets anyone practice


Short campaign
Occasionally annoying "press-key-repeatedly" events in the campaign.
Some multiplayer limitations

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The Darkness II Icon
Multiplayer works
by Wumpus, USA - May 15th 2012

Just wanted to respond to digktialx.

To play online:

1. In the main menu click on Vendettas.

2. The next screen asks if you wish play online or offline. Of course click "Online"

3. New Campaign or quick match will get you into the Vendetta co-op missions with other players. You can also do "Search" and find ongoing games to join.

4. Hitlist allows you to select any mission/level from the main Vendettas, as well as a few Hitlist specific levels.

5. There is no deathmatch style modes, only the co-op missions.

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SyderArcade Icon
Fun arcade action
by Wumpus, USA - May 15th 2012

Great arcade game that is absolutely GORGEOUS. All 3 different ships are fun, and with lots of missions and a survival mode this can keep you busy for awhile. Its also challenging, kicking my butt on easy.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition Icon
Incredible Game
by Wumpus, USA - Apr 26th 2012

You do not need to have played the original Deus Ex to throughly enjoy the games story and setting. But you will appreciate it all the more if you have. Still the game stands perfectly well on its own. Its an amazing title with an immersive world, intriguing story, good characters, voice acting. Outstanding musical score and satisfying action and upgrades.

It's a breathtaking experience that only gets richer with each playthrough. Do not miss this game.

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Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition Icon
Impressive WW2 Strategy
by Wumpus, USA - Mar 2nd 2012

At the end of the day Company of Heroes is pretty easy to recommend - as long as you can accept its a single player only game. The gameplay is brilliant, the tactical options deep and varied, and the multiple campaigns are fun, well voiced and will keep you busy for awhile. $50 does seem a bit high to ask for a campaign only title, but you have about 40-50 hours of gameplay here as well. World War 2 strategy fans won't regret picking this up, its an intense, realistic and engaging recreation of WW2. Check it out.

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Rage: Campaign Edition Icon
Incredibly Fun
by Wumpus, USA - Feb 2nd 2012

Not a very deep game but incredibly fun. Runs flawlessly on my mid 2010 iMac. Recommended for all id fans and anyone who likes a good shooter with some wasteland vibe thrown in.

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Nuclear Dawn Icon
Excellent Shooter with RTS
by Wumpus, USA - Nov 20th 2011

Super fun class based warfare with a good RTS component. More people need to be playing this, make yourself one of them!

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