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I enjoyed this game
by Susan L Jennings, USA - May 27th 2013

I really enjoyed this game. I liked the graphics and the ability to choose between difficulty levels. The story is cute.

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Loved it until it became unplayable...
by Susan L Jennings, USA - Mar 16th 2010

I loved playing this game until the point where they've thrown an incomprehensable "puzzle" into the end of the first level. The puzzle, giving no clues and no way to skip it, is comprised of finding "gold" in a field. There is no indication where this gold might be, and the only thing I've found to do is to run my cursor over the "field" and hope to pick up a green circle. These circles are rare and have no marking beyond lighting the circle green...there are plenty of red ones. The idea is to "pick up" over 200 "pieces of gold'.

Thus, I am confined to level 1, which is not the number of levels I paid for.

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