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So much fun!
by wolfwalker, Canada - Jun 11th 2012

Played the trial version non-stop. fun game for $7. very cute, simple, but a tiny bit challenging.

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Royal Envoy Collector's Edition Icon
Awesome game!
by wolfwalker, Canada - Dec 14th 2010

I must've played this game from start to finish in basic and expert mode with the bonus challenges also at least 3 full times. It's great and challenging and addictive. It requires careful planning to beat the clock, and strategy is rewarded. if you're having trouble with a level, every single level has the walkthru that you can click on to give yourself the hints to help you beat the clock and get a gold star.

the collector's edition includes 30 extra levels - bonus challenges, which are fun too but not part of the story.

great game. highly recommended.

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Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village Icon
A million times better than the original youda farmer
by wolfwalker, Canada - Dec 14th 2010

The original game was virtually unplayable, with the time running out on all the orders way way way too fast. it was almost impossible to progress, and totally frustrating. Now that this version is out, I'll never play the old version again.

The new version (for less than ten bucks! great!) is fantastic. it has the same style, but you don't continually fail. it's still challenging to get gold, and it's unbelievably busy with lots of tasks for each level, but it's exciting. the only think I don't like is that there's no chance to enjoy a certain's always build build build, so every level becomes more complex, and in every level you're building yet another attachment or farm which means then subsequent level will yet again be more complex. it would be nice to have a few levels to adjust to all the new buildings and just do more orders without worrying about building more. but it's still fun and exciting and I've completed about 3/4s of all the levels already.

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one of my favorites
by wolfwalker, Canada - Aug 2nd 2010

I bought it for my PC and now also for my new mac and it works great (other than a few inadvertent scrolls with the magic mouse). So addictive and easy to advance if you start as the easiest game level.

Also best advice is to install as many superior zircons as possible to get lots and lots of magical items which you can sell for lots of cash, or keep them.

For problems with the new mini keyboard, you just hold your mouse over the spell and press the "fn" key and the"F-whatever number" key you want. Then to select different spells again you have to press both keys (fn and F1,F2,etc). To cast the spell, just right click. So before you go into battle with 20 demons, make sure you have a good spell selected and right click as much as possible. I also load up my tray with 4 or 5 healing charms so I can repeatedly heal myself if I'm getting killed by monsters. I've actually had to use up to 20 healing charms in a single battle....but I prevailed!

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Hotdog Hotshot Icon
addictive and challenging
by wolfwalker, Canada - Jul 17th 2010

so fun and addictive. the first time thru is very challenging untill you start getting upgrades. I'm already going thru a second time. similar to other games like burger rush and diner dash, etc.

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