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Big on content
by Derek Kuhl, USA - May 10th 2011

The game is pretty huge. You have to be careful with how you progress, because it's not an endless spawn session like other games. What you kill is going to affect the game, and make the world a safer place. I found the game is easiest to play with a rogue and mage, since they can lower the entrance cost to content with the lockpicking. The healing is universal and in some cases can add a lot of fun tension when you're waiting for your next regeneration ability after a hit.

I'd love to see this small studio team up with some others and make an even bigger game.

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AAA Quality From a Small Game
by Derek Kuhl, USA - May 10th 2011

The game is most definitely high quality. They've made an engine that is both light, fast and capable to do some big budget action for a fraction of the price. Each class is able to go different paths, which means you will have to make quite a few characters. My advice is to find out how to activate the cheat mode and play with different settings so you can make a character that will progress normally. I found it hard to decide which hot keys go in which slots for each character, but the melee player is definitely the easiest to play.

Elements that make it fun are the pet junk selling, the useful town vendors (you can buy rare or uniques!), and the gratuitous amount of replay in the difficulty modes. The pet can serve as a defensive arsenal or healer later in the game if you equip them with the correct spells, but they only get 2 at any time. Town vendors are way better than other games. They can sometimes sell things that normally would only be available on boss drops, so save up your money for the times when you want to buy a nice epic weapon. Easy mode is pretty brainless and repetitive, but if you're going through the story you will find it's the obvious fast choice. Lastly, this is a great warmup game for Torchlight 2.

Torchlight 2 is coming out this year for PC, and I hope later this year it shows up here, too. It's going to have multiplayer that this one lacked, as well as a much larger and diverse playing area. So pick this one up and help them get it to the Mac ASAP!

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