Reviews by Carleelulu

Cities: Skylines

Such wasted potential

Until the game developers fix it's cloudy visuals, it gets 2 stars from me. I have noticed potential fixes for this cloudy or foggy appearance, but none of those fixes worked for me.

It's a shame, because it appears it could have been a great game if there was better Quality Control.

by Carleelulu, Canada - Mar 16th 2015



Warning, it is still in BETA and it needs a lot of work. It's present version is very clicky and repetitive. I'd wait until the final version is out. It is on IOS and android for free if you want to get a sense of what it's like.

by Carleelulu, Canada - Sep 27th 2014

City Simulator

So disappointed

I can't play it full screen. It's basic functions are not user friendly. I had high hopes because Iike this kind of game. Until they work out the bugs—don't waste your money because there is no demo available and it is a very pricey game.

by Carleelulu, Canada - Sep 27th 2014

Sid Meier's Railroads!

Enjoyable, but not long term

I enjoyed this game a lot, but after a few days—it got kind of dull and repetitive. It would have worked better if there were some expansion packs or different challenges thrown to make it more interesting. It was worth it though—best if you can try to grab it while on sale.

by Carleelulu, Canada - May 30th 2014

You’re The Boss


It seems rather repetitive. Not enough variety of tasks, meaning a lot of time is spent waiting for a couple tasks to complete. Has the making of a great game, but I'm only half way through the demo and I doubt I'll finish or buy it because you play the same tasks over and over again. I hesitate to make a negative review of a time management game because it does have some originality in that it is not a "road" or "build" game. For that it deserves 3 stars alone.

If anybody else out there plays further on and enjoys it—I look forward to reading your review—I may consider playing it again. Until then—3 stars.

by Carleelulu, Canada - Jan 6th 2014

Zoo Park


I wouldn't bother with this one. Shame there is no demo, otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my money. Boring, graphics are dull, and the click play is fussy and confusing.

by Carleelulu, Canada - Nov 3rd 2013

Pet Store Panic


Not just boring, but uninspired play. Not sure what is wrong with game developers out there, but I'm sick of the lack of ingenuity of recent Time management games. I may stop buying games if things don't start improving soon.

I only played the demo, I wouldn't bother even if it was offered free.

by Carleelulu, Canada - Jul 18th 2013

Legends of Atlantis: Exodus

Keeps cutting out.

I'd love to review this game, but it keeps crashing. So, until it is fixed-I give it a 1 Star.

by Carleelulu, Canada - May 17th 2012

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