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Star Defender 4

Nicely done, if familiar

This game calls to mind Space Invaders, Galaxian, and similar games. The graphics are nice, even superior, and the sfx are varied and appropriate.

Trouble is, the game really doesn't break any new ground. If you've played one game if this type, you've really played 'em all; and this game, while a pleasant diversion, didn't really inspire me.

I may register the game, just because I need the occasional retro fix. Worth a look, at least.

by Ed Stoudenmire, USA - Aug 25th 2009
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Luxor 3

Overdone; or, less is more

Luxor 2 was a vast improvement over its predecessor, with better graphics, improved game flow, and a good mix of music and sound fx.

Now, it makes sense to me they could not simply regurgitate L2 and call it a new game.

Luxor 3, though, is a bit of a letdown. The colored balls are too busy, the backgrounds are "enhanced" with too much visual clutter, and the music and sound fx are just overwhelming, a cacophony I found truly distasteful.

Add to these problems the fact that every other screen or so presents a "puzzle" to be solved (and with precious little explanation), and I just couldn't work up any traction playing this game.

I'm gonna pass. Some gamers may enjoy this one; I have too little positive to say about it to recommend it.

by Ed Stoudenmire, USA - May 10th 2009
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