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Real nice, but not perfect

I have only played the campain mode. So this review cover only that part.
I love this kind of game. You create different kind of facillities like a fire station, or an iron mine. In some cases you need two or thee kind of facilities to get a usefull output, like a smelt that take raw iron, and creat steel, then a smithy that crete pick-axes from steel.

There are a set of different scenarios, each modelling a new town, and each with it's own goals (victory conditions). What differs this game from similar is that for each scenario you have a selected set of facilities to build. Something that is introduced in one town, may not be possible to use in another.

I give it 4 stars, since the usability could be a little better. E.g. there is a window that list what goods you have. It has a fixed limited rise, and if you have to manny goods you must change page. You cannit scroll, nor make that page bigger.

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Sep 8th 2016
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Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 4

True hidden object game

This is very similar to each predecessor. It contains mainly of hidden object scene. Each scene is normally followed by a mini game. The manganese have improved a little from previous game sin this serie.

I like this type of games, as soposed to many so called hidden object game that are more a an adventure with a few hidden object scenes.

If you like th hidden object challenge, you will like this game.

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Apr 10th 2016
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Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 2

True Hidden object game

This contain only hidden object scenes, and some minifies. No adveture stiry at the front. There is still a theme (Cruising trip). Just as I want it.

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Jan 16th 2016
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Hero of the Kingdom

Easy to play

If you want a game to spend a couple of hours without to much thinking, this is that game for you.

It has an easy to use interface, you get, a want call it just, task is a better word, each is a simple, thing. To do it you need to fulfil 1-5 conditions, such as not to weak, have a dagger, a sack, etc. If you get stuck there is always a hint of what to do next. All compete are preceded, as soon as you met the condition too enter the combat, you will win.

There is no big silence, and the game ended to soon, but if you like similar games it is worth it price, and I will bay the next one.

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Dec 21st 2015
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Valhalla Hills

Bad camera control

This games looked great in the presentation. I can live with simpel graphics, but I ned good control, ant they are catastrophic bad.

The game open with some waking on an island, where I was suposed to build a woodcutter. The camera angel was like from a ship, that is slimly above the ground and was not possible to move. I found no control setting where I could change the camera angel. Ant action i took change the 2D camera position a lot. so it took a lot of work just to get the camera on correct 2d position. It took me 15 minutes to do the starting action, and after that I was so frustrated I quit.

The game is unplayable because of this camera control. I propose to the company that made it that you withdraw the product, and fix the control

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Dec 5th 2015
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Might & Magic X - Legacy Deluxe Edition

Good but buggy

I like the game, when it works.
Currently it hangs when I am trying to ehter a Castle, neede to continue the game.
It also happens that a weapon diapear from the quick bar, and it is not possible to replace it, or add a new weapon there.
I wghould giver one more star, ansd recomend it, if it did not hang or crash
Is there any bugfix in the plan?

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Jan 10th 2015
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Web of Deceit: Black Widow

Can not pass fist scene

In the first scene, after about 10 minutes of play, I find myself stuck in a railway wagon and find no way to leave. The hint just point to a place were I am supposed to do something,. but failed to find out what. I am glad i could download it as a demo.

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Jul 27th 2013
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Be a King: Golden Empire

Be a King: Golden empire: I love the Game

This is a game i like, Real time strategy, where the main task i s building. In this case small towns.


+ It has a perfect mix if complexity; enough to be a challenge, but not to much.
+ Each town takes

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Feb 5th 2012
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Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White

Bad help

I was stuck when trying to paint a picture. I could not continue until this was done, and I there was no help on how to do it.

A game like this need to have hit/help on everythng, or a skip button. This game has nighter.

Luckily I was still on the demo/tryit stage, so it did not cost me anything except frustration

by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Oct 23rd 2010
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