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Why can't excellent games be produced?
by Paola Di Bello, Italy - Jan 4th 2014

I loved this game: the story, the riddles, the puzzles, not mentioning the character design and the dialogues... I thought I finally found a gold mine of point and click games. However, I was very disappointed when I found out they won't be producing the sequel of the game. Too good to be true, as usual.
Nonetheless, the game is awesome and deserves your attention, all of you point and click geeks out there! Really funny and intelligent!

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Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows Collector's Edition Icon
Amazing design but straightforward story...
by Paola Di Bello, Italy - Nov 10th 2013

The graphics of this game are great but the story behind them is a tad predictable...
I loved the coins collecting thing but kind of disliked the cartoon-like characters which, in my opinion, clashed with the general design of the scenes.
All in all, an enjoyable game.

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