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Crusader Kings III: Royal Edition

A worthy successor

Crusader Kings 3 feels a much more cohesive experience than CK2 with much better graphics and a more modern and better interface. The cohesiveness might go away with the succession of DLCs but as of now you get a more polished experience. There are fewer mechanics but they have better synergies. They included the most important ones from the previous game and dlcs as well as introduced some new ones. I particularly like the new personality system and stress system as well as the skill trees. That, coupled with the beautiful new 3d portraits enhance the experience as an 'rpg'.

There are problems that still remain, from fleet/troop transport to armies coming across the map for wars that shouldn't even be known in the other country...

But all in all it is a very good game, from my experience stable and with very few bugs.

by João M.15, - Dec 2nd 2021
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