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Captain Space Bunny

Fun little game

I enjoyed this game. The challenges are balanced, and it contains a number of elements that make the "Build-A-Lot" formula more interesting (citizens to help, monsters to kill before they damage your buildings, food to collect). The story and characters are cute but be warned - the plot does not contain any real ending. It is a flagrant set-up for a sequel, with a cliffhanger ending. I always find that kind of annoying, as I did here. Also, the grammar and spelling are terrible; it is as if no one ever proofread the game at all. However, gameplay is smooth; I didn't experience any bugs or anything. Overall, glad I bought it.

by RJ, USA - Jun 15th 2010
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The Three Musketeers

I liked the Windows version!

This game is a lot of fun. They do a nice job of turning the book (although I admit to not having read it at all recently) into a game. I really liked being able to own and ride horses as well as equipping weaponry, armor, etc. in traditional RPG manner. I have only played it on Windows but assuming the Mac version is up to the same standard, would recommend it.

by RJ, USA - Jan 28th 2010
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Westward III: Gold Rush

Finally! Westward for Mac!!!

I love all four Westward games and Westward III is my favorite. I have played it several times on my PC and today played the one-hour demo for Mac. The Mac version is beautiful, with all the same advantages as the PC version and no awkward right-click instructions, etc. Westward III is so fun and I can't recommend it too highly.

The Westward games are all a fun combination of building a western town with a whole bunch of different buildings and employing citizens at them to gather resources; fighting bandits; and following a fun story. I don't know what else to say. I love them and just wish this game had been released on Mac before I bought it for my PC.

by RJ, USA - Nov 20th 2009
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Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble

Dangerously Fun

This is a really great adventure game. It combines a series of four primary investigations (one introducing each "game board") and five fun little games to play against the people encountered in the investigation. I have been playing it obsessively all weekend, am not bored with it yet, and am sure there are more storylines to discover.

It is fun to choose from the different girls for your gang and to see their various retorts in some of the situations. Also to see how choices about which skills to develop for each girl make a difference in the game. And I have been particularly happy that investigative choices really do make a difference in the later development of the story.

I would enthusiastically recommend this game to adults or mature teens. Although by the "board game" nature of the visuals there is no graphic sex or violence, however, I would caution that there are some very adult subjects addressed by the story, especially toward the end. This is more true for some of the ways that the investigation can develop than for others, but all the plots I've been through so far imply the adult themes to some extent. Parents may wish to play the game themselves and discuss the issues raised with their children.

Very good gameplay: in many hours of play on a PowerBook G4, the only technical problem at all was a single instance of the correct word - actually, not a word but a double hyphen like those in this sentence, which may have been part of the issue - not appearing in a list that should have contained six choices but that contained only five plus a blank without either a word or a link.

Please note that I have not had the sound on so my "average" rating above simply means I have no idea whether the sound is good.

by RJ, USA - Sep 29th 2008
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Tasty Planet

Beautifully Simple

This game is addictive. Everything about it is fairly simple, but it just works really well. The progression of the story keeps the different levels interesting even though the concept remains much the same. And even though you can figure out strategies that work best for various levels, there is a lot of replay value because of the unpredictable movement of the various potential foodstuffs.

Fun for grownups. As far as kids go, definitely fun, no "adult" content, and no graphic violence. People get eaten in some levels, but in a cartoon-like, bloodless way - not really different from the amoebas or asteroids but just part of the food chain. Some educational value (notwithstanding the alien motherships, etc.)

by Rachel Jones, USA - Aug 3rd 2008
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